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oh god! The hot music video of Hilary's "Stranger" is out, it's a very coooooooool video, go to see it on youtube

Paris: From Red Carpet to Lock-Up

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Just hours after prancing down the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, Paris Hilton turned herself in at the Century Regional Detention Facility, ready to serve her 23-day sentence for violating her probation.
Looking sexy yet subdued at the afternoon show, her baby voice was noticeably absent as she sensibly spoke with reporters. "I am trying to be strong right now," Hilton said, "I'm ready to face my sentence."
More juicy jail talk from the blonde bad girl after the jump!
Paris, whose predicament has been turned into an animated video game, also dropped a new tidbit about her stay in the slammer. "I did have a choice to go to a pay jail," she revealed, "But I declined because I feel like the media portrays me in a way that I'm not and that's why I wanted to go to county, to show that I can do it and I'm going to be treated like everyone else."
You go girl! That's some superb lip service. Either we're seeing the emergence of a new Paris – one with an actual soul – or she's hired the greatest lawyer around. Regardless, I've gotta hand it to the heiress for doing things her way. And you know, the sooner she serves her time, the sooner she can get back to her important day-to-day responsibilities: stopping for frozen yogurt in haute couture clothes, working out with her trainer, and driving drunk. Wait – scratch that last one.
We'll miss you Paris! Don't let the cell door hit your bony butt on the way in.
Check out video of Paris heading to her new home and view how she made the most of her mugshots!

Hotest pics of Rihanna in 2007 Mtv Movie Awards

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Pete Wentz Denies Working With Ashlee: 'I Want No Part In Selling A Relationship'

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Hey, you know those reports about Pete Wentz working with his girlfriend, Ashlee Simpson, on her upcoming album? Well, they're not true.
So sayeth Wentz himself, who took time out from the Honda Civic Tour to set the record straight about the rumors, an activity which is — rather unfortunately — becoming a near-daily ritual for the Fall Out Boy bassist.
"That's pretty much the silliest recent rumor I have read," Wentz told MTV News in an e-mail. "Mostly [because] I want no part in selling a relationship. I mean, it is not true. She hasn't really played me any of [her album]. I heard part of a demo that I liked, though.
"I mean, reports getting out are a bummer when they are absolutely not true. But at the same time you have to understand that this is part of the territory."
It's territory Wentz has been exploring for more than a year now, roughly ever since some, er, intimate photos of his body leaked onto the Internet back in March, 2006 (see
" Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Comments On ... You Know, Those Photos "). But since he started dating Simpson, things have really gone haywire (see "Pete Wentz's Bar Draws Jay-Z, Ashlee"). Not a day goes by that he's not featured on some or other gossip site — a trend he's not exactly actively defusing, mind you, but at this point he feels things have moved from beyond ridiculous to pretty hilarious.
"I don't care much what people say about me, but I do care how it affects the rest of my band," Wentz wrote. "I guess I'm just happy with aspects of my life that I haven't been [happy with] in years, and I don't feel like I should feel guilty for that. Sometimes, the rumors are laughable though."
OK, so if he's not working on Simpson's new disc, what is on Wentz's plate? Well, perhaps not content to lord over a burgeoning empire that already includes platinum records, sold-out tours, Web sites, a clothing line and a bar, he's turned his attention to screenwriting, working on a semi-secret story with FOB frontman Patrick Stump.
"Patrick and I have been writing new FOB songs and working on a big project. We are writing a story that we kind of want to end up animated. Not too sure on whether it will ever go or how much of a 'Hollywood' project it would be," he wrote. "But it is kind of a narrative that seems to be nonexistent in recent animated stories."
And the news doesn't stop there ... Wentz and company recently shot a video for "The Take Over, The Breaks Over," which they plan on premiering soon. After all, as the past year has shown us, there's never a dull moment in Fall Out Boy land.
"The new video is way more low-key then our past ones, one-day shoot and all," Wentz wrote. "Think 'The Science of Sleep' meets 'The Dog Whisperer.' I think it'll end up on the Internet soon." (

Christina Aguilera 'Live' In Singapore

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Singapore - Christina Aguilera will stage her first-ever concert in Singapore at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 30, 2007. Fans of Christina will finally be able to see the superstar live for the very first time in Singapore. This tour is the continuation of her Back To Basics 2007 World Tour which started in Manchester, UK on November 23, 2006 and in North America on February 20th.The multi Grammy Award artist has assembled an acclaimed production team for her concert tour featuring choreographer and director, Jamie King (Madonna, Janet Jackson, Prince) and Roberto Cavalli, who will be the tour’s exclusive costume designer. Working together, the team will create a modern inventive vision fused with elements of retro glamour.The Back to Basics 2007 Tour will feature a unique stage design that will allow Christina’s fans unprecedented access to the stage with unbelievable sight lines. The tour will feature three distinct stage scenes, illuminated by more than 600 moving lights, and a state-of-the-art hydraulic system. In addition, a very special video montage will be featured from fan testimonials that have been submitted to Christina’s fan club.Aguilera has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide, scored four No. 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and has won four Grammy Awards and a Latin Grammy Award.