B.B. King - B.B. King In London (Great Blues US 1971)

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B.B. King in London is a studio album by B.B. King recorded in London in 1971. He is accompanied by US session musicians and various British R&B musicians, including Alexis Korner, and members of Spooky Tooth, Humble Pie and with Rick Wright - not of Pink Floyd fame as some have stated. Rick and his female companion Fritz started a short-lived blues-based band Sunrise which came to an end after Rick's death in a car accident.

As was the case with many early rock and blues legends (Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters) in the early '70s, B.B. King went to London to cut an album with an assortment of rock royalty of the day. 1971's B.B. KING IN LONDON found the King Of The Blues using members of Fleetwood Mac, Spooky Tooth and Humble Pie as sidemen on an assortment of blues classics and numbers written especially for this project. On Fleecie Moore's jump blues classic "Caledonia," King rubs shoulders with Peter Green and plays some nimble-fingered guitar on the Gary Wright-penned instrumental "Wet Hayshark," powered by the dual drumming of Jim Gordon and Ringo Starr (who plays on three songs in total). 

British blues godfather Alexis Korner contributed the instrumental "Alexis' Boogie" in which King duets with Korner on acoustic guitar while Steve Marriott wails away on harmonica. Other highlights include Louis Jordan's "We Can't Agree," here turned into a mid-tempo stroll and Dr. John trading in his piano for a guitar on "Ghetto Woman," a rare song with string arrangements that doesn't come off sounding mawkish. King's brightest playing comes on the joyous "Power Of The Blues" and the Stax-soaked fullness of "Ain't Nobody Home."  

Recorded at Olympic Studios and Command Studios, London, England. Released 11 October 1971 (US) and 19 November 1971 (UK)

* B.B. King - lead guitar, vocals 
* Ringo Starr - drums 
* Peter Green - guitar 
* Alexis Korner - guitar 
* Duster Bennett - harmonica 
* Steve Marriott - harmonica
* Steve Winwood - organ player
  and many more... 

01."Caldonia" (Fleecie Moore) -- 4:01 
02."Blue Shadows" (Lloyd Glenn) -- 5:11 
03."Alexis Boogie" (Alexis Korner) -- 3:30 
04."We Can't Agree" (Wilhelmina Gray, Louis Jordan) -- 4:48 
05."Ghetto Woman" (Dave Clark, B.B. King) -- 5:15 
06."Wet Hayshark" (Gary Wright) -- 2:29 
07."Part-Time Love" (Clay Hammond) -- 3:17 
08."The Power of the Blues" (Pete Wingfield) -- 2:23 
09."Ain't Nobody Home" (Jerry Ragovoy) -- 3:09

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