NEW EDITION: Stray Dog - Stray Dog (Tremendeous Hardrock UK 1973)

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Stray Dog were a blues-based hard rock band formed in Texas in the early 1970s. They recorded three albums before disbanding around 1976.

They originally formed in Texas under the name of Aphrodite, from there they moved to Denver, Colorado, they became very popular with the audience's in Denver. At this stage they were introduced to Neville Chesters a former Road Manager for Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Neville Chesters convinced the Band to go to London where he, with a friend and also a former Tour Manager Lorenzio Mazzio, Introduced Snuffy Walden to Greg Lake, who, subsequently signed them to the ELP's label, Manticore Records. At this stage Randy Reader was replaced by Leslie Sampson. Lake produced three tracks on the 1973 debut self titled album, Stray Dog, with the band producing the remainder.

In March 1973, the British music magazine, NME, reported that Stray Dog were to support ELP on their world tour, which was due to commence in Germany at the end of that month.

Stray Dog's follow-up, While You're Down There (1974), was co-produced by Austin Godsey and the band, which featured new members Tim Dulaine on second guitar and vocals, and keyboardist Luis Cabaza. The additions of Dulaine and Cabaza radically changed the band's sound from blues-based power trio to a more subdued and commercial AOR rock sound. Much of the material on While You're Down There was written and sung by Dulaine, with founder Walden's contributions being reduced. Only two tracks, "I Would" and the instrumental "Worldwinds", retained a sound and stylistic approach reminiscent of their debut.

Sampson also played previously in another power trio, Road, with Noel Redding, and American guitarist Rod Richards. They produced one self-titled 1972 album on the Rare Earth label. After the demise of Stray Dog, Walden went on to write and produce the theme songs for several popular American television programs.

This blues-based US heavy metal group started life as a power-trio in 1973. Formed by Snuffy Walden (vocals, guitar), Alan Roberts (bass, vocals) and Leslie Sampson (b. 1950; drums), their style incorporated elements of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Timmy Dulaine (guitar, vocals) and Luis Cabaza (keyboards) were added in 1974, with rather negative results. The aggression and power of the three-piece had been dissipated by needlessly intricate arrangements. While You’re Down There was another disappointment and following management and contractual problems, the band went their separate ways in 1975. 

Another one of my top ten albums of all time, this first album by the Anglo-American power trio was originally released onELP's Manticore label and (well) produced by Greg Lake. At first listen, a lot of these songs almost sound more like jams, but there's actually quite a bit of controlled chaos going on. 

P.S. If the name Snuffy Walden sounds familiar, it may be because you saw his name as musical director for "The Wonder Years", and now does the same on "The West Wing". The grandiose orchestral scores are quite a bit different than Stray Dog's supercharged boogie! 

Hard Rock band signed to EMERSON LAKE & PALMER's Manticore label, hence production on both albums by Greg Lake. A trio of vocalist / guitarist Snuffy Walden, bassist Alan Roberts and ex ROAD drummer Les Sampson. STRAY DOG added second guitarist Tim Dulaine and keyboard player Luis Cabaza for the second effort.

Snuffy Walden became a renowned session guitarist performing for numerous major artists. Pre STRAY DOG he had laid down the guitars on the 1973 RABBITT album 'Broken Arrows'. Roberts went on to AALON for one album. Excellent Hardrock, not to be missed!

01. Tramp (How it Is)  
02. Crazy 
03. A Letter 
04. Chevrolet  
05. Speak of The Devil  
06. Slave  
07. Rocky Mountain Suite (Bad Road)   

Bonus Tracks: 
08. Crazy (Live at Reading Rehearsals London '73) 
09. The Journey (Live at Reading Rehearsals London '73  
10. Eric Takes a Walk (Live at Reading Rehearsals London '73) 
11. Rocky Mountain Suite (Bad Road) (Live at Reading Rehearsals London '73) 
12. Tramp (How it Is) (Live in Rome, Italy '73)  
13. Dog's Blues - incl. Guitar Solo (Live in Rome, Italy '73) 
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