Mayfly - Selftitled (Wonderful Folk From Germany 1973)

Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

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In 1970, a group was founded in Bergen, N.H. by the name of Guruperide. In 1971, the name of this soft rock group was changed to Mayfly.

A delicate and soft folk rock album, similar to Tudor Lodge or The Trees but with a pop twist. Most of the songs are short, and don't tend to evolve much, with lovely instrumental passages of acoustic guitars, violin, some horns (especially flute), nice vocal harmonies and the occasional piano solos. The album flows well from start to finish, conveying a pleasant state of mind. 

This group made one of the best Dutch progressive folk albums in a poetical style similar to several British groups (Spirogyra, Fuchsia, Beatles) or even the first album by the German group Hoelderlin. What makes it so strong are the expressive vocals of Maarten Min, enchanting melodies, a reflective or sorrowful mood and good English lyrics. 

This is typified by tracks such as "Dawn Of An Old Man's Life" and "Lemoncake", although a few tracks are lighter in mood and more influenced by the folk-style of late 60's Beatles or Honeybus. 
An album that easily stands out of the crowd and therefore strongly recommended.

01. From Now On   4:38 
02. Symptoms of Summer   3:46 
03. Dawn of an Old Man   3:06 
04. The Smell of It   3:02 
05. Lemoncake   4:06 
06. The Stable   3:03 
07. Intermezzo   1:05 
08. Secondhand Dream   3:30 
09. Blue Sofa   2:54 
10. She Leaveth Me   3:02 
11. Topless Bertha   3:22 

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Mayfly - Netherlands Single 1972

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