Ron Paul Morin & Luke P. Wilson - Peaceful Company (Rare Folk UK 1992)

Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

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The duo Ron Paul Morin and Luke P. Wilson's first and only album on Sovereign Records in 1972. Soon after the release of the album Morin and Wilson eventually went their separate ways. It is a fine example of mellow folk album similar to a band like Evensong. Includes 4 Tracks From The Film "Record Review." Recorded In Chelsea, London 1972.

Maggie McKaig:
With her long time partner multi-instrumentalist Luke Wilson, Maggie has had a few bands, including Lost in the Colonies, the Celtic Wonder Band, the McKaig Wilson Band, and Storm Session. Together Luke and Maggie have recorded five CD’s.  Luke, born in Oshawa, Ontario, plays banjo, tenor guitar, cittern, dobro, slide guitar, just about anything else with strings, and has an awesome tenor. A veteran of the Canadian and European club and festival scenes, Luke also has a long-standing career as a studio musician, arranger, and producer. Starting with his first band in 1965, Luke has been playing professionally ever since. With musical partner Ron Paul Morin he moved to England in 1970. The duo recorded their first and only album, "Peaceful Company" in 1971. 

It was produced by John Pearse for Capitol Records. Deciding they didn't like their Capitol contract after all, and seeking to explore other musical avenues, Morin and Wilson eventually went their separate ways. Luke played with several other British musicians during that time including Major Wiley and banjo player Pete Stanley. In 1975 Luke moved back to Canada to Calgary, Alberta, set up shop as a luthier, and formed the band Buckdancer's Choice. A few years later after Buckdancer's Choice broke up, he formed the band Lost in the Colonies, which Maggie eventually joined, and which played many Canadian festivals.

By this time Luke was widely known for his amazing improvisational skills on numerous instruments, and his ability to play and fit into all kinds of musical settings, be it blues, jazz, country, rock, bluegrass, or folk.  He lent his talents to numerous well-known musicians and bands at the time such as Backline Orchestra, the Diamond Joe White Band, musician Ken Hamm, jazz vibraphonist Arnold Faber, Peter Marley,  and many others. 

Moving with Maggie and their young son to Nevada City, California in 1985, Luke has since played with many of Nevada County's finest bands and musicians including Utah Phillips, Alasdair Fraser, Saul Rayo. Peter Wilson, Tom MacDonald, Sands Hall, Charlie Brock, Joe Fajen, Kimberly Bass, and with Jukolin.  When not playing, arranging, or producing music, Luke continues to work in his shop Wolfnote Studio as a luthier, a skill handed down by his grandfather. He also loves to drive his tractor around his farm.

01. Mexico 
02. Goodbye To Almeida 
03. Walking Back Alone 
04. Together Come What May 
05. Town Ballad 
06. Speaking Sounds of Love 
07. Don't You Know 
08. Hard Luck Dreams 
09. Save The Country 
10. Go Back North 
11. Early Morning Blues 
12. Down In The Valley To Pray

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Morin And Wilson - UK Single 1972

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