Psychedelic Minds - Heavy Underground Rock US 1967-71

Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

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This compilation series presents the boiling point of international psychedelic underground sounds between 1967-71: the years when garage punk evolved into heavy psychedelic rock with its wider soundscapes and complex improvisations. VOL. 1 contains a dozen 45-rpm songs by lost psychedelic messengers (8 US bands and 1 from each of Germany, Peru & France ). The groups included are: Blackrock, Sound Machine, Yesterday´s Obsession, Mastermind, Sangre Mexicana, Bhagavad Gita, Protein Bros, Purple Canteen, Los Nuevos Shains, Blow Mind and the A & B-side of the legendary Dirty Filthy Mud. 

Blackrock - US Single 1969
At least 50% of the songs are unreissued and presented with great soundquality and 8 p. booklet. Certainly a piece of wax for Dr. Leary´s students: Turn on, Tune in, Listen again! 

Dirty Filthy Mud (Last 2 Tracks): 
From Oakland, California, this band recorded their only 45 at Sierra Sound Labs in Berkeley. It was issued in a thick cardboard art sleeve like the Frumious Bandersnatch and Country Joe and The Fish EP's (which explains why it is often referred to as an "EP"!). The Forest Of Black is one of the most blatantly psychedelic recordings from the Bay Area sixties scene, with wild electronic effects and druggy lyrics that seem to have been inspired by Country Joe's Bass Strings.The original 45 has become very expensive and nearly impossible to locate at any price.

01.Blackrock - Black Cloud Overhead (1969) - 3.36
02.Sound Machine - Woman (1971) - 3.52
03.Yesterday's Obsession - The Phycle (1968) - 3.11
04.Mastermind - Turn Of The Head (1969) - 3.31
05.Sangre Mexicana - Good Cause (1970) - 2.48
06.Bhagavad Gita - Long Hair Soulful (1968) - 5.45
07.Protein Bros - Drainpipe (1971) - 2.52
08.Purple Canteen - Brains In My Feet (1968) - 4.05
09.Los Nuevos Shains - Looking You (1971) - 3.37
10.Blow Mind - They´re Coming (1970) - 6.12
11.Dirty Filthy Mud - Morning Sun Flower (1967) - 2.40
12.Dirty Filthy Mud - The Forest of Black (1967) - 3.02

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Purple Canteen - US Single 1968

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