Trevor Lucas - Overlander (Rare Folk Album UK 1966)

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He released his first solo work in Australia, two tracks, "Old Time Religion" and "Dem Bones Gwine to Rise Again", on the Various Artists' extended play The Folk Attick Presents (1963). In mid-1964 he married his first wife, Cheryl. In late 1964 Lucas released a solo album, See That My Grave Is Kept Clean on EAST Records, which was recorded in August that year with other folk musicians, Tina Lawton, Paul Marks, Brian Mooney, Lenore Somerset and Martyn Wyndham-Read.

On New Year's Eve 1964 Lucas boarded the Greek vessel, Ellinis, and relocated to United Kingdom with Cheryl. In London he worked as a solo artist and accompanist at various folk clubs including The Troubadour. He performed at the International Folk Fest at Royal Albert Hall. Lucas released his second solo album, Overlander (1966), on Reality Records. In August 1967 Lucas, playing bass guitar, formed the folk band Eclection with fellow Australian Kerrilee Male on lead vocals, Georg Kajanus (as George Hultgreen) on guitar and lead vocals, Michael Rosen on guitar and lead vocals, and Gerry Conway on drums. In August 1968 they issued a self-titled album and continued until their breakup in October 1969. Lucas recalled the group, "a very underground, flower power group, based on a cross between the Jefferson Airplane and the Mamas and the Papas [it was] a good apprenticeship in electric music. I don't think it created anything devastatingly good ... We were all very naive ... We got ripped off terribly".

Fotheringay and Fairport Convention:
By May 1969 Lucas was dating Sandy Denny, lead singer of Fairport Convention, when he played triangle in Si Tu Dois Partir on their album Unhalfbricking (July 1969). In late 1969 Lucas, Denny and Conway formed Fotheringay after Denny left Fairport Convention — other members included Pat Donaldson on bass guitar and Jerry Donahue on guitar and vocals. In June 1970 Fotheringay released a self-titled album where Lucas provided acoustic guitar and vocals. The album included the Lucas-penned track, "The Ballad of Ned Kelly" (aka "Poor Ned") and "Peace in the End" co-written with Denny.

Fotheringay - Netherlands Single 1971
Allmusic's Dave Thompson was not impressed by Lucas' vocals, "great guitarist though he was, his voice offers nothing that you could not hear in any amateur folk club, any night of the week, rendering Dylan's 'Too Much of Nothing', Gordon Lightfoot's 'The Way I Feel', and his own 'Ballad of Ned Kelly' little more than makeweights". Whereas Nick Talevski in Knocking on Heaven's Door: Rock Obituaries (2006), found "The Ballad of Ned Kelly" to be a highlight of the album.

The band broke up in 1971 with Denny undertaking a solo career with backing from Lucas. A follow up album had been recorded in November to December 1970 but it was abandoned until 2007, when it was finally completed by Donahue and released in September 2008 as Fotheringay 2. Lucas felt his time with Fotheringay was the most enjoyable of his music career, the band members were "being more creative with, more expressive". From 1969 to 1972 Lucas also worked with various groups including with former members of Fotheringay. He became a session musician and record producer for Bronco, Julie Covington, Al Stewart, The Strawbs and Richard & Linda Thompson.

Fotheringay - Spain Single 1970
In July to August 1972 Lucas was helping Fairport Convention record their album Rosie (February 1973) when he joined the group with Donahue. On 20 September 1973 Lucas and Denny married and shortly thereafter Denny rejoined Fairport Convention. In late 1975 Fairport started a long promotional tour and shortly afterwards Lucas, Denny and Donahue left the band. Lucas and Denny left because "[w]e'd spent eight months on the road touring, and we'd been thinking of having a family and all that sort of thing". Lucas assisted on Denny's further solo work. In the mid-1970s the couple relocated to the village of Byfield in Northamptonshire, in July 1977 Denny gave birth to their only child, a daughter, Georgia Rose Lucas. [Wikipedia]

Trevor Lucas was a secondary but notable figure in the British folk-rock scene of the late 1960s and 1970s, principally as a member of Fotheringay and the mid-'70s version of Fairport Convention. Originally from Australia, he came to the UK in the mid-1960s to work on the traditional folk circuit, and made an obscure and run-of-the-mill traditional folk solo album in 1966, Overlander. From late 1967 to late 1969, the singer-guitarist was in Eclection, a little-known British folk-rock group that made recordings with Elektra. 

Lucas became romantically involved with Fairport Convention singer Sandy Denny in the late 1960s, and together the pair formed Fotheringay, who made a good folk-rock album in 1970. Despite the group's considerable promise, it folded after that sole LP, when Denny, the biggest talent in the band by far, left for a solo career. Lucas joined Fairport Convention, who at that point had been shorn of all their original members, in mid-1972, with Denny (whom Lucas married in 1973) rejoining the band in early 1974. Both Lucas and Denny left two years later, and in the interim Fairport could hardly have been said to have been at their peak. 

01. The Overlander 
02. Waltzing Matilda 
03. A Wee One 
04. Lazy Harry's 
05. It's On 
06. South Australia 
07. Shanties By The Way 
08. The Shearer's Dream 
09. The Flash Stockman 
10. Bluey Brink 
11. On The Banks Of The Condamine 
12. Bold Jack Donohoe

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The Bunch (Sandy Denny, Trevor Lucas) - UK Single 1972

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