Fleetwood Mac - Paramount 1972 FM Broadcast (Bootleg)

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Danny Kirwan was by all accounts falling-down drunk. At this point in his career he had taken to excessive consumption of alcohol and was on his way to being sacked later that year (by his one remaining friend in the band Mick Fleetwood.) 

He can be heard tripping over equipment and causing feedback during this performance, shocking his bandmates enough for them to remark about it. Within the next couple of years he would be spotted wandering the streets of London, homeless. 

During this show,  Mr. Kirwin manages to finish the vocals on "Little Child Of Mine", but the band struggle to keep up with the uneven pace he has set for them. Bob Welch takes over guitar lead from him during the song. Kirwin tries to sing "Black Magic Woman", but is unable to and Bob Welch has to finish it for him.

Even with all of that going on, the band still manage a fine performance.

Bob Welch struggled with a variety of marginal bands until 1971, when he was invited to join Fleetwood Mac, then an erstwhile English blues band that had lost two of its three front-line members, Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer, within a few months. Along with fellow newcomer Christine McVie, a keyboardist/singer-songwriter (formerly of the British blues band Chicken Shack) married to bassist (and long-time band member) John McVie, Bob helped to steer the band in a more melodic direction, particularly after lead guitarist/singer-songwriter Danny Kirwan left the band in 1972.

In the summer of 1971, the remaining members of Fleetwood Mac held auditions at their retreat in England, Kiln House, while seeking a guitarist to replace Spencer. Judy Wong, a friend of the band who served at times as their secretary (the Kirwan-written song "Jewel-Eyed Judy" was dedicated to her), recommended her high school friend Bob Welch to the band. Welch (who has been described as Wong's high school boyfriend) was living in Paris at the time.

The band had a few meetings with Welch and decided to hire him without actually playing with him or listening to any of his recordings. Welch was tasked for the role of rhythm guitar, backing up lead guitarist Danny Kirwan. It was felt that having an American in the band might extend Fleetwood Mac's appeal in the States. Welch eventually went to live in the band's communal home, a mansion called Benifold, which was located in Hampshire. (Using mobile equipment borrowed from The Rolling Stones, the band would record four albums at Benifold: Future Games, Bare Trees, Penguin and Mystery to Me.)

In September 1971, the band released the first Fleetwood Mac album featuring Bob Welch, Future Games, with the title song written by Welch. This album was radically different from anything the band had done up to that point. The choice of Welch seemed to be paying off as there were many new fans in America who were becoming more and more interested in the band. In 1972, six months after the release of Future Games, the band released the well-received album Bare Trees, which featured Welch's song Sentimental Lady. (The song would become a much bigger hit for him five years later when he re-recorded it for his solo album French Kiss. He was backed on the album by Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie, and Lindsey Buckingham, who had replaced Welch as the band's guitarist.)

On June 7, 2012, Welch committed suicide in his Nashville home at around 12:15 p.m (a mere six months after the death of his former Fleetwood Mac bandmate Bob Weston). He was found by his wife, Wendy, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest; a 9-page suicide note and love letter had been written to his wife. According to her, Welch had had spinal surgery three months earlier. Doctors told him he would not get better. He was in serious pain and he did not want his wife to have to care for an invalid. Also, she believes that the pain medication Lyrica, which he had been on for six weeks, may have contributed to his death.

Fleetwood Mac Live At The Paramount 
Seattle Washington 1972-03-10 FM 

Bob Welch: Guitar and Vocals
Danny Kirwin: Vocals And Guitar
Christine McVie: Keyboards and Vocals
John McVie: Bass
Mick Fleetwood: Drums

01. Tell Me All The Things You Do
02. Future Games
03. Get Like You Used To Be
04. Little Child Of Mine
05. Spare Me A Little
06. Homeward Bound
07. Black Magic Woman
08. E: Oh Well

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