Tommy Bolin - My Father's Place US 1976-05-22 WLIR FM (Bootleg)

Kamis, 06 Desember 2012

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This Tommy Bolin show is the only original music I have to contribute to the community. I lived in Stamford CT in the 70s and owned a Kenwood reciever and a Marantz tape cassette tapedeck. WLIR sent live shows across the water from Long Island. I heard this show was going to be re-broadcast and set up the tape deck trying to get the levels perfect for the strength of radio signal. That day I was hosting a few friends in the back yard and was sending the show out the bedroom windows. I timed exaclty when the 90 minute cassette started and made sure to watch the clock. Just befor the TDK SA90 tape hit the 45 minute mark I quickly flipped it over. I kept the tape and played it a few times them stored it. When the 90's rolled around I bought Cool Edit 95 for making training programs, yes the program that once you bought it you would never have to pay for an upgrade again, until of course he asked for more money a few years later. 

Anyway I digress. So the 90's came and I could burn CDs. I transfered the Bolin show to wav then did a few modifications with cool edit but I forget which, I think I normalized it is about all.

I also spliced the cassette flip during "Marchimg Powder" so well I can't remember where I did it! I then sent a copy of the show to a person I met over the web that sent it to the Bolin Archives. The Bolin Archives then messed with it some more and published my recording!! (They even gave me credit on the sleeve because the person I traded with gave them my name). I noticed it on their web page and emailed them. They then said they had tried to contact me but I had switched internet providers and moved. They asked if it was ok to use it and I said "sure". Anyway here is the product of my work for all to share! I'm just happy to give to all who want it!! [Notes from the original taper "jfic"]

Tommy Bolin at My Father's Place 05-22-1976 WLIR Radio

WLIR Radio Broadcast

01. Teaser
02. People, People
03. The Grind
04. Stein Solo
05. Wild Dogs
06. Band Intro
07. Delightful
08. I fell In Love
09. Marching Powder
10. Lotus

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