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The Jeff Beck Group were an English rock band formed in London in January 1966 by ex-Yardbirds guitarist Jeff Beck. Their innovative approach to heavy-sounding blues was a major influence on popular music during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The first Jeff Beck Group formed in London in early 1967 and included Jeff Beck (guitar), vocalist Rod Stewart, rhythm guitarist Ronnie Wood, bassist Dave Ambrose and drummer Jet Harris. The lineup went through months of personel changes (no less than four drummers), before teaming up with drummer Aynsley Dunbar, and switching Wood to the Bass. This lineup spent most of '67 playing the London and nearby club circut, while appearing several times on BBC radio. Beck had signed a personal management contract with record producer and manager Mickie Most, who had no interest in the group, only Beck as a solo artist. Three singles were released in Europe (2 in the U.S.) that year; the most sucessful of which was "Hi Ho Silver Lining". Although lead singer for the band, Stewart was only to be heard on the 'B' sides of two of these. Frustrated with the band's direction (as were the rest of the members, including Beck), Dunbar left, was briefly replaced by Roy Cook then finally by Mick Waller; a bandmate of Stewart's from Steampacket. It was at this time, according to Beck, the group was on its last leg. He was anxious to leave Most, who had lost interest, but for some unknown reason Most would not agree... One of Most's more ambitious employee's Peter Grant (tour manager) even tried to step in and buy Beck's contract, to no avail.

Grant had been U.S. tour manager for The New Vaudeville Band and was aware of a new concert and album trend developing in the States, whereby a band could be launched through concerts and the increasing popularity of FM Radio. Beck's outfit was custom made for this market, and to his credit, Grant managed to bring them to New York in early '68. Their debut was as second on the bill to The Grateful Dead at The Fillmore East Unfortunately billed only as "Jeff Beck". The following day however, The New York Times ran an article proclaiming "Beck Debut Upstages Grateful Dead" Again to his credit, Peter Grant used this to secure the group a contract with Columbia/Epic Records. Beck claims they were down to one clothing change each- (indeed, live photos from this period show them shirtless as often as not). They finished a successful six week tour of the US. at The Fillmore West, and returned to England to record their seminal masterpiece Truth, which reached #15 in the U.S. charts, and would go on to be a "touchstone" for countless Heavy Blues and Metal bands. The tracks were recorded within a mere two weeks, with overdubs added in several days the following month. Fortunately- the "singles" minded Most was busy with three projects at the time, and delegated most of the work to Ken Scott, engineer for The Beatles, and David Bowie, who was smart enough to just capture the band basically doing their live set... Musicians of note who appeared on the album were: John Paul Jones Hammond Organ: "Old Man River","You Shook Me" (which he was to repeat later with Led Zeppelin, Keith Moon Drums: Beck's Bolero, Timpani: "Old Man River", and Nicky Hopkins Piano: "Blues Deluxe" and "Morning Dew".

To coincide with the release of "Truth", the band returned to the U.S., this time as headliners, being billed as The Jeff Beck Group. The tour was wildly sucessful, with the band causing near riots in Boston. It was also at this time, long-time Beck fan Jimi Hendrix, now living in New York, took to "jamming" with the band, late into the night at The Cafe Wah, where Hendrix had gotten his start... On their third tour, (12/68) they were a bona-fide hit, and were joined by Nicky Hopkins; who laments to this day that "we lost one of the greatest groups of all time to foolishness... pure foolishness." Meanwhile, Peter Grant, who had unfairly lost his chance at The Beck Group, bought the contract of another of Most's acts[dubious – discuss], The Yardbirds, who were definitely in decline... There are many "he said/she said" stories about the birth of Led Zeppelin, and Jimmy Page being around the Beck Group, especially during the 2nd tour... Suffice to say he and Peter Grant were quick on the ball, and by the end of '68, early '69, they were definitely in competition with the Beck Group in the States.

Supposedly threatened by Zeppelin nipping at his heels, Beck insisted the band cancel the fourth tour, go back to England, and record a "heavier" album. Mick Waller was fired in favor of a new "powerhouse" drummer, Tony Newman, and Ron Wood was fired, only to be re-hired almost immediately. However, "Truth" having been a sucess proved to be a double-edged sword. It had re-, or just plain ignited new interest from Mickie Most, who decided to take a very "hands on" approach to the new L.P.; a chore many think he was completely ill-equipped for. Around this time, he also had them do a session with Donovan, (another Most act), on his single Barabajagal(Love is hot) With the release of their second L.P. Beck-Ola The Beck Group once again toured the US in May '69 (for the last time with Hopkins, due to health problems), and again in July '69, playing the Newport Jazz Festival. Beck Ola also reached #15 on the Billboard Chart, but by this time, Beck claims the vibes in the Group were so awful, he ended it all on the eve of the Woodstock Festival at which they were scheduled to appear. He claims he couldn't have stood failure at an event of that magnitude. A decision he now regrets. It is truly a shame that there is so little remaining from a Band of this stature. Even though the early BBC tapes exist, they have yet to be released, there is virtually no film of the band (something Woodstock could have rectified), no decent live recordings, and barely even any photographs... Even more of a shame, when you consider that these superstars were at the peak of their powers, pioneering a form and style that would open the door for a flood of imitators behind them.

The second Jeff Beck Group
Late in 1970 Jeff Beck reformed The Jeff Beck Group with vocalist Alex Ligertwood, keyboardist Max Middleton, drummer Cozy Powell and bassist Clive Chaman. During June 1971 Beck signed a record deal with CBS and was looking for a new singer, because the record label bosses had rejected the previous vocals by Ligertwood. After hearing Bobby Tench perform with his band Gass, "Upstairs" at Ronnie Scott's club in Soho London,[5] Beck employed him as vocalist and second guitarist.

Tench was given only a few weeks to write new lyrics and add his vocals to the album Rough and Ready, before mixing resumed on tracks previously recorded in London by Beck and the other band members. The album was finished in July 1971 and they toured Finland, Holland, Switzerland and Germany. Rough and Ready was released in UK on October 25 1971,[6] with the US release following during February 1972. A sixteen day promotional tour in USA followed[7]and the album eventually reached #46 in the album charts.

In January 1972 the band travelled to USA, to join Beck at TMI studios in MemphisTenessee. This is where they recorded the album Jeff Beck Group,[8] using Steve Cropper as producer. Jeff Beck Group was released in UK on June 9 1972. The promotional tour which followed included an appearance on the BBC Radio 1 "In Concert" series, which was recorded on June 29 1972. During this session they played "Definitely Maybe" which featured Bobby Tench playing guitar[10], a rare occasion whilst Tench was associated with Beck.

On July 24 1972 The Jeff Beck Group was officially disbanded and Beck's management put out this statement: "The fusion of musical styles of the various members has been succesful, within the terms of individual musicians, but they didn't feel it had led to the creation of a new musical style with the strength they had originally sought".

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01. Intro
02. Ice Cream Cake(s)
03. Morning Dew
04. Piano Solo
05. Going Down
06. Definitely Maybe
07. Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone)
08. Out Of A Book
09. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (banned track removed)
10. She's A Woman (banned track removed)
11. New Ways
12. Got The Feeling
13. Let Me Love You

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