Girlschool - Hit & Run (Classic Album UK 1981)

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Hit and Run was the second studio album by British heavy metal band, Girlschool.

It was originally released on Bronze Records in 1981, UK catalogue number BRON 534, having been recorded at Jackson's Studios, England, in December 1980 and January 1981. There was a limited pressing in red vinyl.

"Tush" is a cover version of the famous ZZ Top song.

The title track was released as a single, the 7 inch c/w "Tonight" (Bronze BRO 118) and the 10 inch adding "Tush". The song was a hit in the UK and the band appeared on Top Of The Pops.

The definitive CD version is considered to be that issued by Castle subsidiary Sanctuary in 2004, with bonus tracks. It had previously been issued on 2-on-1 CD in the UK with Demolition.

The album as such did not get a US release but in 1982 Stiff Records released an album titled "Hit and Run" that was actually a compilation of the band's first album, Demolition, and the European "Hit and Run". The track-listing for this US-only release was "Hit and Run"/ "Watch Your Step"/ "Race With The Devil"/ "Yeah Right"/ "Not For Sale"/ "Future Flash"/ "C'mon Let's Go"/ "The Hunter"/ "Kick it Down"/ "Take It All Away".

The rampant hooks of their debut a year earlier aren't as plentiful on the sophomore Girlschool effort Hit & Run, but it's a solid record that still delivers, as the opening singalong salvo "C'Mon Let's Go" proves. Hit & Run makes up for its weak points with sheer energy carried over from the success of Demolition and the St. Valentine's Day Massacre collaboration EP with Motörhead. This reissue fittingly adds that odd EP's Girlschool/Motörhead duet "Please Don't Touch," and Girlschool's cover of "Bomber," although you'll have to look elsewhere to hear Motörhead burn through "Emergency." Like the reissue of Demolition there are plenty of other bonus track goodies including a B-side, "Tonight," which makes two rounds here with both studio and live versions. A live-in-the-studio BBC radio set is included too, with "Yeah Right," "The Hunter," "Kick It Down" and "Watch Your Step." 

01."C'mon Let's Go" (McAuliffe/ Johnson) – 3:37
02."The Hunter" (McAuliffe/ Johnson) – 3:15
03."(I'm Your) Victim" (McAuliffe/ Dufort) – 2:42
04."Kick It Down" (McAuliffe/ Johnson) – 3:03
05."Following the Crowd" (Williams/ McAuliffe/ Johnson) – 3:08
06."Tush" (Gibbons/ Hill/ Beard) – 2:16
07."Hit And Run" (McAuliffe/ Johnson) – 3:08
08."Watch Your Step" (Williams/ McAuliffe/ Johnson) – 3:22
09."Back to Start" (Johnson/ Williams) – 3:32
10."Yeah Right" (McAuliffe/ Johnson/ Dufort) – 3:21
11."Future Flash" (Johnson/ McAuliffe) – 4:27 

Bonus Tracks: 
12."Please Don't Touch" – 2:49 (Single recorded with Motörhead)
13."Bomber" (Kilmister/ Clarke/ Taylor) – 3:28 (B-side to "Please Don't Touch", being a cover of a Motörhead song)
14."Tonight" – 2:34 (B-side to Hit and Run)
15."Demolition Boys" (live) – 3:07 (B-side to "C'mon Let's Go" single, issued as 7 & 10 inch)
16."Tonight" (live) – 2:40 (B-side to "C'mon Let's Go" single)
17."Yeah Right" – 2:35
18."The Hunter" – 3:00
19."Kick It Down" – 3:06
20."Watch Your Step" – 3:08
Tracks 17–20 are a BBC Radio session, broadcast on the Richard Skinner Show January 26 1981. These tracks had not been available commercially before.

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