Grateful Dead - 1965-11-03 Golden Gate Studios (Bootleg)

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Golden Gate Studios 
San Francisco, California

Autumn Records Demo, as "The Warlocks"

On May 5th, 1965, a new band called The Warlocks debuts at a pizza parlor on the peninsula south of San Francisco. It includes Jerry Garcia (a former bluegrass banjo player), Ron 'Pigpen' McKernan (a blues harmonica player), Bob Weir (a folk guitarist), Bill Kreutzmann (an R & B drummer), and, soon after, Phil Lesh, a jazz trumpeter and classical composer, on bass. They begin working at a variety of area bars, but as fall passes, their music, influenced by John Coltrane-style improvisation and the psychedelic experience, grows much stranger. In November the Warlocks change their name to the Grateful Dead, and in December they hook up with friends by the name of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, who are experimenting with LSD in social environments called the Acid Tests, where the division between performer and audience vanishes. By year's end, they aren't anybody's idea of a regular rock band anymore.

The Acid Tests crest in size at the three-day (January 21-23) Trips Festival at Longshoreman?s Hall in San Francisco, where thousands of people experience Rimbaud?s ?systematic derangement of the senses.?  With their new soundman and backer, Owsley Stanley, the Dead settle for some months in Los Angeles to woodshed, then return home in June to find a thriving rock scene centered on Bill Graham?s Fillmore Auditorium and Chet Helms? Avalon Ballroom.  After an idyllic summer at a house called Olompali (in Novato) and a former summer camp in Lagunitas (both in Marin County), they settle in late September at 710 Ashbury St., in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco.  The Haight is an extension of the Acid Tests in which several thousand people are experimenting with music, art, theater, psychedelics, and freedom, to create a new sort of community, commonly called ?hippie.?  For a while, it works, and the Dead are at the center of it all.

Hippies across Northern California come together to celebrate all of life and nothing special at the Be-In in Golden Gate Park on January 14, 1967. Almost all of the major SF rock bands, plus Beat poets who act as spiritual elder brothers, join in a very special afternoon's delight. The Dead record their first album, The- Grateful Dead, for Warner Bros. in January ' it's rather rushed, but a start. In June they travel east for the first time and present themselves to New York City. On their return, they take part in the mid-June Monterey Pop Festival, which introduces the psychedelic bands of SF and London to the world. In September, the band adds a new member, Mickey Hart, on percussion, and this new energy propels them into a major new level of creativity, with important new songs like 'Dark Star' and 'The Other One' added to their repertoire.

The Dead always seek independence for themselves, and they begin the year with a self-organized tour ('The Great Northwest') and then in March take over the Carousel Ballroom, running it on their own for some months. They also take charge of their music, leaving the conventional recording world (along with their producer) behind as they try to fuse studio and live recordings in a flawed, magnificent, very strange masterpiece called Anthem of the Sun, out in July. They are wildly free, at times playing radically crazy gigs such as being smuggled onto the Columbia University campus (shut down due to a strike) in a bread truck, to briefly splintering into another group entirely, Mickey and the Hart Beats, in the fall. In November they add Phil's old friend Tom 'T.C.' Constanten on keyboards, and continue their rapid growth as they begin work on the cutting edge of technology, 16-track recording.

1. Caution fades out at 3:10
2. shntool confirms tracks on sector boundaries
3. small spikes at the start of some tracks were silenced using Cool Edit

01. Can't Come Down 03:05
02. Mindbender 02:42
03. The Only Time Is Now 02:52
04. Caution 03:21
05. I Know You Rider 02:42
06. Early Morning Rain 03:21

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