Nazareth And Dick Heckstall-Smith Band - BBC In Concert 1973 (Bootleg)

Minggu, 04 November 2012

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These 2 shows were back to back on an original BBC transcription disc that I borrowed from a DJ at WBCN-FM Boston. It was in a rather poor state. So I took the disc to a friend who was an Audiophile. We spent some time cleaning it with a ‘Nitty Gritty’ record cleaning machine. He then played the disc back on a Sota Sapphire turntable (I’ve forgotten the cartridge make) and I recorded it through a Krell preamp (This guy loved expensive stereo components). 

The Dick Heckstall-Smith Band sounds wonderful and the surface noise is minimal. However, there is a bad tape drop-out on one channel at the very end of the first song. I double checked my tape and it is there (Oh well). Maybe one of you guys can repair it. 

The Nazareth show sounds fantastic though there is some surface noise throughout the performance. I had forgotten what these guys sounded like. There were no issues during playback. Listen to Vigilante Man…blew me away again!!

These are only 28 min performances. Obviously not the entire show, but the quality is spectacular. Maybe our BBC community already has these performances under their belts (I hope so). I copied the Radio original cue sheets which include a short band bio and listing of band members and songs and have included them with the downloads. I also broke out the DJ talking. Does anyone have exact dates?

BBC TRanscription Disc

The Dick Heckstall-Smith Band ‘In Concert’ 1973

Dick Heckstall-Smith saxes
Dave Ross – piano, organ and vocals
James Litherland – guitar and vocals
Theodore Thunder – drums and vocals
Bill Smith – bass and vocals

01. ALan Black Introduction
02. Moses in the Bullrush Houses
03. ALan Black Introdues the Band 
04. Pirate’s Dream
05. Alan Black Outro
06. No Amount of Loving

Nazareth ‘In Concert’ 1973

Dan McCafferty – vocals
Pete Agnew – bass and acoustic guitar
Manuel Charlton – lead guitar, slide guitar and 12 string acoustic guitar
Darrell Sweet – drums

01. Mike Harding Introduction
02. Dear John
03. Mike Harding Introduces Vigilante Man
04. Vigilante Man
05. Mike Harding Introduces the Band
06. Paper Sun
07. Mike Introduces Ruby Baby
08. Ruby Baby
09. Mike Harding introduces the next two songs
10. Woke up this Morning
11. Boogie

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