Mountain - (Live) The Road Goes Ever On (Classic Album US 1972)

Kamis, 01 November 2012

Size: 67.2 MB
Bitrate: 256
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Source: Japan 24-Bit Remaster

This is one of the best "Live" recordings of all time for rock and roll. Lelsie West is still one of the greatest guitar players ever. Felix's sound on bass is very unique and Cory Laings drums are top notch. Poor Steve Knight on keyboards, no respect! This is a must for Mountain fans! Even if you are not a huge fan,this is one to have in your collection. Pure rock and roll at its finest!

Yes this CD only has four songs on it but it is Timeless Mountain for sure. Having been a musician and knowing Felix Pappalardi personally Mountain was a big inspiration to me as much as The Beatles were to many. The talent in this band is Mountainous. 

I had been looking for this album on CD for years and when I saw it here at Amazon I didn't think twice I purchased it immediately. Savoring the tracks from the smooth melodic Long Red to the timeless Rock mastepiece Nantucket Sleighride with a rarely heard nicely done keyboard solo from Steve Knight. 

Mountain's natural thick sound of Leslie West's rip roaring guitar chords and licks, Felix Pappalardi's bumble bee sounding bass, Steve knight's melodic keyboards and Corky Laing's thunder can all be heard live. This CD is truly Timeless Mountain. 

01. Long Red  
02. Waiting to Take You Away  
03. Crossroader  
04. Nantucket Sleighride  

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