Hokus Poke - Earth Harmony (Great Album UK 1972)

Jumat, 09 November 2012

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Source: Korean, 24-Bit Remaster

Hokus Poke were a early UK British blues band on the Vertigo label. As far as I know, they only released Earth Harmony in 1972. Essentially, Hokus Poke follow along the lines of the electric blues pioneered by Cream five year earlier. However, the first half of the album is much more acoustic based which gives them their own voice. At least I couldn't think of any ready comparisons. They are a quartet of two guitars, bass and drums. One of the guitarists also adds occasional steel guitar. Overall, nothing to write home about except for collectors of the UK electric blues scene and the Vertigo label.

01. H.P. Boogie
02. Sunrise Sunset (The Sunset)
03. Big World Small Guy
04. Down in the Street
05. Hag Rag Barry Miles
06. Living in Harmony
07. Time and Space Barry Miles
08. The Poke 

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