Forest - Full Circle (2nd Album UK Folkrock 1970)

Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012

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Full Circle is a really pleasent album that hits a few bumps and doesn't really hit many high points. Forest' sound is really great, a true folk prog sound with that usual dark/light transition found everywhere. What Forest is trying to do I think is pulled off perfectly; There is no real craziness happening, but just a band trying to get through their ideas and enjoying what they are doing. For this we have alot of, perhaps, "boring" songs to some, but to folk fans there is alot to enjoy. "Hawk the Hawker", "Graveyard" and "Famine Song" alone make this album a must listen for those interested...these songs are incredible, and are Forest at their peak! The rest of the album has some good moments but the songs feel a bit disjointed and sometimes you may only want to hear a part of a specific track. Again, though, the melodies are there and the music is fine, there is much to enjoy, you just find yourself a bit hopeful sometimes for something more, and it doesn't quite get there! Still good, though.

This album has both brutal and beautiful elements, and the raw acoustic tunes create weird and very enchanting music. There are much medieval influences here, but the overall aesthetics are not luckily very idealized or fantasy related, but sincere and realistic, filled with mystery, misery and violence. Music is peaceful but partly disturbing too. "Bluebell” was quite good track, and the last song "Autumn Childhood" is very weird with strange rhythm changes and several parts. “The Midnight Hanging of A Runaway Serf” was also quite affecting in it’s brutality and realism. "Graveyard" is also very beautiful and quite accessible song, but maybe best of them all is “Gypsy girl & Rambleway”, describing a love affair with very raw medieval sounds. Before this number is also a fine instrumental track “To Julie”, which could have been performed by real ancient bards. This record is recommended sincerely for fans of depressing middle age music. As a hint, at least for me this album took several spins to open up properly! 

FOREST were a late 60’s minstrel/medieval type of folk-prog trio in the style of The INCREDIBLE STRING BAND, FAIRPORT CONVENTION and DR. STRANGELY STRANGE. They released a couple of albums with dark but subtle acid lyrics, incorporating pipes, harmonium, harpsichord, mandolin, 12-string guitar and percussion to their sound. Their music doesn’t have the electricity normally associated with rock, yet it can’t be described as straight folk either, the lyrics being rather strange and the band’s approach being far too eclectic – thus their inclusion here.

Their eponymous album (1969) is practically a clone of The INCREDIBLE STRING BAND whereas “Full Circle” (1970) shows more original songwriting and more diverse arrangements, with themes still dealing with nature, mystery and darkness. Both albums are altogether esoteric, pastoral, serious and communal as befit the times.

Not essential but if you like the spirit of COMUS, GRYPHON or MELLOW CANDLE, you may want to check them out, for a bit of hippie nostalgia. []

- Derek Allenby / mandolin, whistle, harmonica, percussion, vocals 
- Hadrian Welham / guitar, violin, bass, cello, percussion, whistle, vocals 
- Martin Welham / guitar, 12 string guitar, piano, violin, whistle, harmonium, electric harpsichord, percussion, vocals 

Guest musician:
Gordon Huntley / steel guitar (01)

01. Hawk the hawker (5:48) 
02. Bluebell (3:10) 
03. The midnight hanging of a runaway serf (5:04) 
04. To Julie (3:36) 
05. Gypsy girl & rambleway (4:01) 
06. Do not walk in the rain (3:54) 
07. Much ado about nothing (3:10) 
08. Graveyard (5:46) 
09. Famine song (traditional, arr. Forest (2:12) 
10. Autumn childhood (6:22)

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