The Electric Prunes - Stockholm FM Broadcast 1967 (US Psych - Swedish Broadcast 1967)

Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

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Over-amplified and fuzzed to the max, the Prunes here are explosive, noisy and wild. This recording proves that the Electric Prunes deserve to be ranked alongside the very best bands of the era. 8 tracks recorded by the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation at the Concert Hall in Stockholm, Sweden December 14th 1967. TREMENDEOUS SOUNDQUALITY A++

The Electric Prunes' studio albums are pretty ethereal and arty, so you might be shocked at the Raw Power displayed on this aural document. Soundwise, it has more in common with The Who's Live at Leeds than any garage or psychedelic record you can think of from the '67 era. It's still very psychedelic, but seriously heavy. As the other reviewers noted, the sound quality is great -- what's amazing is that the band seemed to think that the recording didn't capture their full energy and power! 

It starts off with a smokin' version of "You never had it better" with a wicked guitar solo. You also get strong versions of their better known songs, including the infamous "I had too much to dream last night," plus psychedelicized versions of blues standards "Smokestack lightning" and "I got my mojo working." It ends with a deliciously extended rave-up on "Get me to the world on time," wherein the Prunes raise up a massive "Sister Ray"-ish wall of speaker-melting feedback. Essential. Reviewer: Robert Schell (Townsville, Texas) 

01. You Never Had It Better   
02. I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)   
03. Try Me On For Size    
04. I Happen To Love You    
05. I Got My Mojo Workin'    
06. Long Day's Flight (Til Tomorrow)    
07. Smokestack Lightning    
08. Get Me To The World On Time

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