Speed, Glue & Shinki - Eve (Superb Japanese Bluesrock 1971)

Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

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If you like that heavy drugged psych sound from the early '70's then Speed, Glue & Shinki is a must! This is a excellent sounding group from the Japan and featured the great Shinki Chen on guitar. If you like Blues Creation, Juan De La Cruz, Flower Travellin' Band and Too Much then you are going to love this rare release! The debut album from 1971 by '70's Japanese acid rock band Speed Glue and Shinki. 

Psychedelic weirdness predominates on this release which rips along like a sludge heavy Led Zep meets Sabbath - with plenty of guitar mayhem on cuts like "Stoned Out Of My Mind" and "Mr. Walking Drugstore Man......" - and then trips out in an acoustic fashion. Great! Here's what Chris McLean had to say about Speed, Glue & Shinki:

Speed, Glue & Shinki - guitarist Shinki Chen had previously been in Food Brain and recorded a solo album, bassist M. Glue (Masayoshi Kabe) had previously been in Food Brain; drummer and vocalist Joey 'Pepe' Smith was a Filipino Vietnam veteran with a large speed habit! They recorded two great albums, Eve (Atlantic, 1971) and the 2-LP Speed, Glue & Shinki (Atlantic, 1972). The main musical style on both albums is a mix of bluesy, rough & ready heavy rock and psych/acid rock, ballads, and occasional experimental blasts. 

Some people think these guys were pretty unique and amazing; in my opinion they're pretty good overall but there's a lot of stuff like this from the same period the world over. I suspect some people get a bit 'wowed' by the open drug references and kind of punky attitude, and let their judgement become clouded when rating this band so highly over others. What sets the second album apart from the first is that much of the last quarter of it consisted of fairly minimal and rudimentary synthesizer explorations from Smith, who had apparently just bought a synth and wanted to try it out on record. They were also joined on this album by Philippine guitarist Mike Hanopol, from Juan De La Cruz Band and later a solo artist. 

Not sure what happened to Chen and Glue afterwards, though Joey Smith recorded with DK Mushroom & Son and went on to the second line-up of Juan De La Cruz in the Philippines. Hanopol went with Smith to Juan De La Cruz at the same time, and with them they carried some of the flavour of Speed Glue & Shinki to that revamped group. Hanopol also released some solo albums later on.

01. Mr. Walking Drugstore Man (5:25) 
02. Big Headed Woman (6:15) 
03. Stoned out of my Mind (6:01) 
04. Ode to the Bad People (4:53) 
05. M Glue (2:43) 
06. Keep it Cool (4:17) 
07. Someday We'll All Fall Down (5:23)

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