Them - Time Out Time In For Them (Psychedelia US 1969)

Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

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Released in 1968 this is the second release by Them after the departure of Van Morrison and the bands relocation to California. The band had really started to incorporate the best that the West Coast scene had to offer and the album shows this to good effect, with sitars and loads of trippy effects. The CD contains bonus non LP singles in the original mono. Fully detailed booklet is included within the package. Highly recommended!!

The third part of our THEM trilogy finds the California bound edition of THEM, having explored softpop, psych, full-on garage punk and even their Maritime Club roots on NOW AND THEM (CRREV29), plunging full on into the Psychedelic maelstrom they helped create.

Being on the same label as The Chocolate Watchband was just a red rag to these Belfast boys!.... Like The Shadows Of Knight, these upstarts will have to learn who are the real Daddies!..... THEM!.....produced once more by Texas rockabilly maverick Ray Ruff, this is the sound of THEM through the bizarro filter of California Acid tests..from a psychpunk historical perspective, Van Morrison made a BIG mistake leaving...though his buddy Kenny McDowell does the job just fine 

With a bonus of as many non-LP singles as we can cram on, this is THE essential lost artifact of Irish Psychedelia....just the sleeve is worth the price of admission!!

Classic psychedelia first time on CD anywhere, plus bonus non-LP singles in the original MONO! Plus the usual full-monty Rev-Ola remastering never sounded so good! Including Extensive linernotes by Jon 'Mojo' Mills of the celebrated "Shindig!" magazine, fearturing input from band members.... Essential for all fans of quality Psychedelia, Garagepunk and 1960's psychpop...also all THEM and Van Morrison collectors, and the entire population of Belfast!...see what it was all about! 

Track Listings
01. Time Out for Time In        
02. She Put a Hex on You        
03. Bent Over You        
04. Waltz of the Flies        
05. Black Widow Spider        
06. We've All Agreed to Help        
07. Market Place        
08. Just on Conception        
09. Young Woman        
10. Moth        
11. But It's Alright        
12. Square Room [2nd Single Version]      
13. Dirty Old Man [2nd Single Version]       
14. Corinna [Single Version]        
15. Dark Are the Shadows [Single Version]        
16. Dirty Old Man [Original Single Version]       
17. Square Room [Original Single Version]        
18. But It's Alright [Original Single Version]        
19. Square Room [Single Edit/Remix]   

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