Gentle Giant - Acquiring the Taste (2nd Album UK 1971)

Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

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Acquiring the Taste was the second album of English progressive rock band Gentle Giant, released in 1971.

This was a departure from the blues and soul styles found on their self titled debut. It was more experimental, more discordant, and with more varied instrumentation. In the sleeve text, the band made this famous declaration:

"...It is our goal to expand the frontiers of contemporary popular music at the risk of being very unpopular. We have recorded each composition with the one thought - that it should be unique, adventurous and fascinating. It has taken every shred of our combined musical and technical knowledge to achieve this. From the outset we have abandoned all preconceived thoughts of blatant commercialism. Instead we hope to give you something far more substantial and fulfilling. All you need to do is sit back, and acquire the taste."

The recording was made at the following studios

Advision Studios - (Engineers: Martin Rushent, Big A & Garybaldi)
A.I.R. Studios, London - (Engineer: Bill Price)

The band's second album is a major advance on its first, featuring superior singing, playing, and songwriting, as well as a more unified sound, without sacrificing the element of surprise in the first record. Many of the melodies and even the riffs here (check out Gary Green's first guitar flourish on "Pantagruel's Nativity") have a pretty high haunt count, and all of the musicianship displays an elegance seldom heard even in progressive circles — but the record also, amazingly enough, rocks really hard as well. Elements of hard rock and Gregorian chants mix freely and, amazingly enough, well throughout this album.

01."Pantagruel's Nativity" – 6:50
02."Edge of Twilight" – 3:47
03."The House, The Street, The Room" – 6:01
04."Acquiring the Taste" – 1:36
05."Wreck" – 4:36
06."The Moon Is Down" – 4:45
07."Black Cat" – 3:51
08."Plain Truth" – 7:36 

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