Hölderlin - Hölderlins Traum (Progressive Rock, Germany 1972)

Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

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Source: Japan 24-Bit Remaster

This emotionful folk album really struck to the very heart of the elements building up my musical appreciation! "Waren Wir" opens the album presenting some key motives of the record; Melancholia, beautiful romanticism in psychedelic context. There are lush keyboard passages over the conventional rock trio sound, flavored with enchating violin and RUFUS ZUPHALL sounding flutes. There is a faster part in the middle with some narrative vocals, and in the end the track is fading in and out mysteriously. "Peter" is a more conservative song with tradiotional medieval guitar appregio start and more down-to-earth polka / peasant song in the end. "Strohhalm" is a short oriental sounding number for flute, tablas, sitar and the male voice. "Requiem für einen Wicht" is one of the major tracks here, starting mysteriously with flute, lady singer and fast run of drum plates building up tension. Acoustic guitar chords start to stir to the compostiotion towards a marching rhtyhm with violins, having really great melodies and sounds, leading to a moody verse which is exeptionally great. 

Then there are also some classical music resembling movements for violin, guitar and bass guitar in the end, before the song returns to the starting motive. There is also a nice film been shot from this song (actually to be found from this webpage when I'm writing this!). "Erwachen" start again traditionally with flute on the front. After short quiet voices a slightly Spanish sounding theme for guitar & piano is presented where the singress joins. A nice tune, but it sadly fades away without decent conclusion reached. Then we can enjoy some great guitarwork and moody singing on the song "Wetterbericht". This is a really pretty pastoral, where my thoughts started to disappear to romantic pastures conjured by the players. Some neat quiet synths create some mist upon them. Later choral voices underline the sacred emotions evoked by the scene. 

The album ends to a fabulous "Traum" (Dream), which starts with waves of drum plates evoking mantralike acoustic guitars descending below, joined by tablas which predict the rock rhythm section and flute to enter, making again a groove sounding quite much RUFUS ZUPHALL's album "Weiss Der Teufel". Later the faster beat collapses, and the voices reduce pace and their form swirls surrealistically for a moment before the melodic theme returns, before the track and the entire record melts away. Here the fadeout works well (a rare example), making a feeling of ascending away from the dreamy realm left to run to the planes unreachable, exept when summoned by playing this album. 

The record was probably an influence for late 1970's CAROL OF HARVEST, having great instrumetal free impressionistic jamming sequences. I really like the romaticism, mysticsm, medieval influences surged trough the psychedelic frame of reference with a find musicmanship making up yet anonther vintage ace album from the 1970's Germany. Recommended for anybody for liking hazy and traditional folk music with fragile female voice! 

01. Waren wir (4:53) 
02. "Peter" (2:52) 
03. Strohhalm (2:20) 
04. Reqiem für einen Wicht (6:32) 
05. Erwachen (4:20) 
06. Wetterbericht (6:34) 
07. Traum (7:20) 

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