Girlschool - Demolition (1st Album UK 1980)

Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

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Demolition was the first studio album by British heavy metal band, Girlschool.

It was released in Europe on Bronze Records in 1980, with the catalogue number Bronze BRON 534. Vic Maile produced.

Singles lifted from the album were "Emergency"/ "Furniture Fire" (non-album track), "Nothing To Lose"/ "Baby Doll" and "Race With The Devil"/ "Take It All Away".

The tour included high-profile support slots to Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep.

The definitive CD version is considered to be that issued by Castle subsidiary Sanctuary in 2004, with bonus tracks. It had previously been issued on a 2-on-1 CD in the UK, coupled with Hit and Run.

NB The album as such did not get a US release but in 1982 Stiff Records released an album titled "Hit and Run" that was actually a compilation of "Demolition" and the band's second album, Hit and Run. The track-listing for this US-only release was "Hit and Run"/ "Watch Your Step"/ "Race With The Devil"/ "Yeah Right"/ "Not For Sale"/ "Future Flash"/ "C'mon Let's Go"/ "The Hunter"/ "Kick it Down"/ "Take It All Away".

"Race With the Devil" is a cover song originally performed by a band called The Gun.

One of the first all-girl rock bands, Girlschool distinguished themselves for their aggressive hard rock sound. After supporting Motorhead on tour, they signed with Bronze Records in 1980 and released their classic Demolition album. Their first single, "Demolition Boys" (which for once turned the tables on sexist rock & roll tradition by objectifying the boys), would also be their most successful. Alternating lead vocal and guitar duties, Kelly Johnson and Kim McAuliffe also lead the band through "Race with the Devil," "Nothing to Lose," and the scorching "Emergency." 

01."Demolition Boys" – 3:39
02."Not for Sale" – 3:31
03."Race With the Devil" – 2:51
04."Take It All Away" – 3:43
05."Nothing to Lose" – 4:30
06."Breakdown" – 3:05
07."Midnight Ride" – 3:16
08."Emergency" – 2:50
09."Baby Doll" – 4:13
10."Deadline" – 2:54

Bonus tracks:
11."Take It All Away" (single version) – 3:12
12."It Could Be Better" (single version) – 2:55
13."Nothing to Lose" (demo version) – 3:47
14."Not for Sale" (demo version) – 3:30
15."Furniture Fire" – 3:00 (B-side to "Emergency" single)
16."Take It All Away" – 3:32
17."Breakdown" – 3:24
18."Demolition Boys" – 3:02
19."Nothing to Lose" – 4:23
Tracks 16–19 are a BBC radio session, broadcast on The Friday Rock Show on August 1st 1980. These tracks had not been available commercially before.

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