Hawkwind - Doremi Fasol Latido (Classic Album UK 1972)

Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

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The rhythm section of Dave Anderson and Terry Ollis was replaced by Lemmy and Simon King, both of whose style differed notably from their predecessors. This changed the band's overall musical direction. Lemmy was a self-confessed inept guitarist who used volume and stagecraft to cover his lack of ability. He became a bassist by accident after joining the band, thinking he was replacing Huw Lloyd Langton. Lemmy said "I knew the guitarist because he took eight tabs of acid and then we never saw him for five years". However Dave Brock decided to play lead and continue without a second guitarist. Hawkwind's bass guitarist failed to turn up and Lemmy was available. He said "I learned to play bass onstage with Hawkwind… I go out onstage with this bass around my neck, and it was a Rickenbacker, too. The bass player, like an idiot, left his bass in the truck. So I'm learning. Nik Turner says to make some noises in E. 'This one's called You Shouldn't Do That.' Then he walks away." This led to Lemmy's very unorthodox technique. Lemmy stated "I just don't play like a bass player. There are complaints about me from time to time. It's not like having a bass player; it's like having a deep guitarist." King's drumming was more square beat and "rock" than the jazzier free flowing Ollis.

Doremi may not be Hawkwind's most renowned album, but it carries the same type of prog rock spaciness as their first two releases. Even though the keyboard playing is trimmed down just a tad, the introduction of Ian Kilmister, otherwise known as Lemmy of Motörhead fame, makes up for it. With Lemmy's hard-lined guitar playing and Del Dettmar's synthesizer stabs, tracks like "Space Is Deep" and "The Watcher" are infused with elaborate instrumental meanderings in perfect Hawkwind fashion.

The longer tracks, both "Brainstorm" and "Time We Left This World Today," have Lemmy getting settled in the band's extraordinary milieu, but end up being the album's strongest cuts. There's a harder feel to the songs all the way through, with the guitar and drums coming to the forefront ahead of Dik and Mik's "generators" and "hot electronics." Doremi is the inaugural album for drummer Simon King, and with guitarist Dave Anderson and percussion man Terry Ollis now departed, Hawkwind still manages to muster up a firm intergalactic space-metal atmosphere...only with a more rugged thrust.

01."Brainstorm" (Nik Turner) – 11:33
02."Space Is Deep" (Dave Brock) – 5:10
03."One Change" (Del Dettmar) – 0:49
04."Lord of Light" (Brock) – 6:59
05."Down Through the Night" (Brock) – 3:04
06."Time We Left This World Today" (Brock) – 8:43
07."The Watcher" (Ian Kilmister) – 4:00

Bonus tracks
08."Urban Guerrilla" (Robert Calvert/Brock) – 3:41
09."Brainbox Pollution" (Brock) – 5:42
10."Lord of Light" [Single Version Edit] (Brock) – 3:59
11."Ejection" (Calvert) – 3:47

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