John & Beverly Martyn - The Road To Ruin (Folkrock UK 1970)

Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

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The Road to Ruin is a 1970 album released by husband and wife John and Beverley Martyn. It was the second (and last) album released as a duo. Island persuaded John Martyn to resume his solo career as they believed that the public was more interested in John as a solo artist rather than as part of a duo.

John and Beverley Martyn's classic album from 1970 has been digitally remastered and expanded with 1 Previously Unreleased Demo recorded at Sound Techniques, Chelsea - August 1970. This album is John and Beverly's follow up to Stormbringer. In much of the same manner as that album, here Martyn recruited Pentangle member Danny Thompson on bass (who would end up playing on most of Martyn's albums over the ensuing years). John went solo again after this album after Beverley had given birth to their second child. 

Sometimes all you will need to say is "This is a John Martyn record" and people will comprehend. Though "Solid Air" may be one of his best and most popular excursions, too many of his albums have been virtually ignored. 

Released in 1970, John was at the time concerned with the album's lack of spontaneity and it's obvious that he wasn't pleased with the whole idea of overdubs. Hence the best songs are those relying on John's guitar playing. 

"Parcels" is a nice tune flavoured with some classic JM guitar work, "New day" features Danny Thompson's first appearance together with Martyn and "Give us a ring" was originally meant for Nick Drake. 

Though John's music may seem complicated and experimental it is never hard to digest. He always ads a natural flow to it and his singing is great. If you are hesitant about buying it since it's more of a collaboration you should reconsider. In hindsight it's an important album in Martyn's catalogue and though it's neither "Solid Air" nor "Bless the Weather" it's still a very enjoyable album. 

01."Primrose Hill" (Beverley Martyn)
03."Auntie Aviator" (John & Beverley Martyn)
04."New Day"
05."Give Us A Ring" (Paul Wheeler)
06."Sorry To Be So Long" (John & Beverley Martyn)
07."Tree Green"
08."Say What You Can" (John & Beverley Martyn)
09."Road to Ruin"

Unreleased track:
10."Here I Am"

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