AUM - Resurrection (2nd Album Bluesy Rock US 1969)

Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

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Aum was a San Francisco-based blues-rock group that lasted from 1968 to 1970 and released two albums. Members were Wayne Ceballos (guitar, piano), Kenneth Newell (bass), and Larry Martin (drums). 

San Francisco act who were a very popular around the city's ballrooms in the late 60's. This their second album is from 1969 and it's a really diverse affair with a mixture of hard rock and psychedelic numbers. The title track is a dreamy epic affair with some great guitar work while a gospel tinge creeps in on "God is Back in Town". This is worthy of investigation.

One of the first acts to be signed to Bill Graham's Fillmore label, 1969's Resurrection teamed the band with producer David Rubinson. As one might have guessed from the album title (let alone the back cover which showed three crosses), their sophomore effort found the band pursuing a pseudo-religious agenda. In spite of occasionally clunky lyrics and an irritating degree of echo, Ceballos-penned material such as God Is Back In Town, the ballad Only I Know and Today And Tomorrow wasn't too bad. Boasting a nifty Ceballos guitar solo, the stately title track is the stand-out cut. Elsewhere, the driving Bye Bye Baby and Little Brown Hen recall Quicksilver Messenger Service. Certainly not likely to get top-40 airplay, but San Francisco certainly turned out worse sounding bands. Commercially the band did nothing; the trio calling it quits shortly thereafter.(Borderline Books)

01. God Is Back In Town - 5.24
02. Resurrection - 5.26
03. Only I Know - 3.57
04. Bye Bye Baby - 3.44
05. Today & Tomorrow - 7.30
06. Little Brown Hen - 2.48
07. AUM - 6.03
08. Pachuko Boogie-Preserve You Mama - 1.15

1. Here
2. There

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