Bell + Arc - Selftitled (Rare Progressive Folkrock UK 1971)

Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

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Bell & Arc was a British pop group that existed from 1970 to 1972. It was formed when singer Graham Bell teamed up with the group Arc, whose original lineup was John Turnbull (guitar, vocals), Mickey Gallagher (keyboards, vocals), Tommy Duffy (bass), and Dave Trudex (drums). (Trudex was replaced by Rob Tait, who was then replaced by Alan White.) Arc made an album, Arc at This (1970), before joining with Bell and recording Bell and Arc (1971). The group then split. Turnbull and Gallagher later joined Ian Dury and the Blockheads.

Graham Bell (born 24 April 1948, in Blyth, Northumberland, England, died 2 May 2008) was a pop and rock singer. His father, Jimmy Bell, was a well known local singer and his mother, Leonora Rogers, was in show business prior to marriage after which she was heavily involved in local music and dance. Graham made a solo single in 1966, and a solo album in 1972 with Tim Hinkley, Mel Collins and Ian Wallace. He was a member of Skip Bifferty (aka Heavy Jelly), and Every Which Way, a band formed by Brian Davison formerly of the The Nice. Musical style was jazzy Prog Rock with guitar from John Hedley playing call and response with Bell's blues shout vocals.

Bell, Gallagher and Turnbull had all previously played together in Skip Bifferty and Gallagher and Turnbull were both in Arc when Graham Bell who'd gone solo after he left Skip Bifferty asked them to back him on demos for a new solo album. In the end everything was so hunky dory that they combined as Bell and Arc and produced the above album and 45. 

Tait left during the recording of the album to be replaced by John Woods (ex-Jackson Heights); when Woods left to join Vinegar Joe, Alan White depped for the Nov-Dec '71 leg of a US tour; he then left to go on to session work, a tour with Chris Stainton and finally Yes; Ian Wallace, who was in King Crimson at the time, drummed with them until they split in Feb 1972. In the final month of the band Gallagher was replaced by Ken Craddock (ex-Ginger Baker's Airforce). 

After the band's demise, John Turnbull joined Glencoe, Graham Bell continued as a solo artist releasing an album in 1973. Gallagher eventually recorded and toured with Parrish and Gurvitz before joining Peter Frampton. Duffy went on to Gary Wright's Wonderwheel and Craddock recorded/toured with The Alan White Band. 

01. High Priest of Memphis  
02. Let Your Love Run Free  
03. Keep a Wise Mind  
04. So Long Marianne  
05. She Belongs to Me  
06. Yat Rock  
07. Dawn  
08. Children of the North Prison  
09. Everyday 

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