Cain - A Pound Of Flesh (Great Hardrock US 1975)

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

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First-ever reissue of hard rock monster and 1975 debut Lp from Minnesota's CAIN! A hard rock fan's dream with Lloyd Forsberg's "ahead of their time" guitar licks and Jiggs Lee's raucous vocals. Features a full digital re-mastering along with liner notes, lyrics and photos!

"A Pound Of Flesh" was originally recorded and released in 1975. Today, over thirty years later this debut album by Minnesota rock outfit Cain gets another - well deserved - shot. 

Right now in 2003 there's obviously a market for re-releases. Even the pop charts are rarely lacking a cover tune from a seventies, eighties or nineties pop or rock tune. Is the well running that dry folks? Hmmmm.

Though some of these Top 40 cover tunes are amusing, most suck BIG time, so I prefer a re-release of a classic rock album anytime. I'm from '72 myself, so obviously I missed the original release of "A Pound Of Flesh", and unfortunately the band was disbanded soon after their second album. A third never saw the light of day. 

Today, "A Pound Of Flesh" will depend entirely on an audience that actively looks for re-releases such as this. That and some decent marketing might well be enough to reach the audience there undoubtedly is for classic seventies rock.

There's quite a few 'older' bands I really enjoy listening to. Queen, The Eagles, The Who... a little bit of everything I guess. The music that Cain plays is hardly 'my thing', but I can't deny that there's a couple of very enjoyable tunes here. 

"Katy" shows the excellent singer that Jiggs Lee was to his full extent. Soulful at times, and amazingly powerful at other times. I'm sure he's doing a fine job nowadays being a sound system designer. His musical qualities ooze from every pore of this shiny little disk.

The rest of the band; Dave Elmeer (bass, acoustic, keyboards), Lloyd Forsberg (electric guitar) and drummer Kevin DeRemer complement Jiggs and oneanother perfectly. This band sounds like they could've taken on early Led Zeppelin any given time. 

But alas, as I told before, their career was short-lived. Thanks to Monster Records however, what little legacy Cain left behind is - at least partly - available to the public once again. 

01. Queen of the Night
02. Katy
03. South Side Queen
04. Badside
05. Born of the Wind
07. Heed the Call
08. If the Right Don't Get You, the Left One Will
09. All My Life 

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