Disciple - Come and See Us As We Are (Psychrock US 1970)

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

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This New York quintet's sole album is a neglected pop-psych treasure. Boasting catchy melodies, lush vocal harmonies, killer pop hooks and one of the best Beatles covers of its time, it was originally issued in 1970 but quickly disappeared, despite the band's frenetic gigging schedule. It makes its CD debut here, complete with its original press release and is a must for fans of acid-tinged power pop.

A religious name, but a sound that's secularly heavenly -- sweetly psychedelic work that also has a fair bit of Sunshine Pop as well -- and the only record we've ever seen by this obscure New York band! There's an earnest, open approach to the songwriting here -- in a way that lives up to the spirit of their title -- a youthful, positive mode that's definitely still plenty optimistic about the changes at the end of the 60s, but which is also a bit more focused than the usual hippy-dippy claptrap! 

The tunes are short and sharp, with lead vocals from Sandy Crespo, plus other harmonies from the male members of the group -- alongside instrumentation that mixes guitar with a nice range of keyboards -- including organ, harpsichord, and cordovox. Titles include "Bits Of My Life", "Come Along", "Come & See Us As We Are", "Bustin Loose", "Better Than You", "Never Changing", "Rescue Me", and "Come & See Us". 

01.Come And See Us As We Are
02.Come Along
03.There Must Be An Answer
04.Bits Of My Life
05.Bustin' Loose
06.Are We As Us See And Come
07.Better Than You
08.I'll Be Gone
09.Rescue Me
10.Never Changing
11.Gotta Get You Into My Life
12.Come And See Us

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