Downliners Sect - The Country Sect (Classic Mod-Beat UK 1965)

Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012

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The Downliners Sect were a British rhythm and blues band of the beat boom era, formed in 1963 when the existing Downliners band split up.

Stylistically, they were similar to The Yardbirds, The Pretty Things and the Rolling Stones, playing basic R & B on their first album The Sect. They subsequently modified their musical style, and after an EP of 'sick' songs (eg "I Want My Baby Back") they experimented with both country ("The Country Sect") and rock ("Rock Sect's In"). They later collaborated with Billy Childish's Thee Headcoats, and released two albums under the name Thee Headcoats Sect.

The second Downliners Sect album has always confused the uninitiated because of its title. At the insistence of their producer, Mike Collier, the band plays some country music such as "Ballad of the Hounds" and "Wolverton Mountain," but also branches into folkier sounds on "Hard Travellin'" (done in country style, but known best in the early '60s as a folk standard) and even brushes up against protest music on "Little Play Soldiers," but the big surprise comes with gospel numbers like "Wait for the Light to Shine" and "Waiting in Heaven."

The group's primitive nature comes through loud and clear on the loud Bo Diddley-based backbeat on "I Got Mine" and most of the rest here, which not only makes a lot of it work really well but generally turns this album into yet another brilliant outing for the band, if not quite the same as the first album. Oh, and then the country blues here — represented by the scintillating five-minute-long "Rock in My Bed" — is pretty intense, especially for five white English guys, and shows some blues chops that weren't on the debut album.

01.If I Could Just Go Back
02.Rocks In My Bed
03.Ballad Of The Hounds
04.Little Play Soldiers
05.Hard Travellin'
06.Wait For The Light To Shine
07.I Got Mine
08.Waiting In Heaven
09.Above And Beyond
10.Bad Storm Coming
11.Midnight Special
12.Wolverton Mountain
+ Bonus

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