Framework - Skeleton (Good Rock US 1969)

Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

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Realy heavy guitar work all over, a DOUBLE CD loaded with Psychedelia. This album was never released before. Framework released only 1 single. Like Brain Police they´re from San Diego. Amazing compositions, great guitar work. 

Double CD of expressive psychedelic rock from San Diego, ala the semi-infamous Brain Police. These recordings were originally made 1968-69, but never released at the time (only one single was issued by this band during their lifetime), packaged here with a 8-page booklet of notes and photos from the band's past. 

Previously issued on the limited vinyl reissue label Rockadelic, this double CD version adds 2 additional bonus tracks & ranks as one of the best resurrections of post-Elevators rock exploration to emerge in recent times.. From Clark Faville's liner notes: "The music produced by Framework ranges from ethereal overture ('Beautiful Weather'), to sublime harmonic beauty ('Like A Child', 'You're Going Home') to dissonant bluesy psychedelic mayhem ('The Direction'). Skeleton may be the most comprehensive document ever assembled to commemorate what is, in essence, an unknown American band." 

Disc 1:
01.I'm Gonna Move - 3.30
02.Flotz - 3.19
03.The Direction - 5.43
04.You're Going Home - 4.29
05.Iron Door - 3.49
06.Funny Kind Of Sunshine - 2.25
07.Get Out Of My Room - 1.47
08.Like A Child - 4.17
09.Conscence Be Your Guide - 3.21
10.Wind Chimes - 3.39
11.Last Sad Song - 8.11

Disc 2: 
01.Beautiful Weather - 3.00
02.I'm Gonna Move - 3.40
03.Wind Chimes - 5.29
04.These Things I Know - 5.34
05.Like A Child - 3.48
06.Get Out Of My Room - Good Times - 14.14
07.Get Out Of My Room - Good Times (2nd) - 13.12

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