Goliath - Hot Rock and Thunder (Psychedelic Rock US 1972)

Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

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Another fabulous private pressing, this time from Goliath, a supremely talented 5-piece progressive hard rock outfit from Kentucky.

Released in 1972 on the Bridges label, Goliath’s guitar, bass, drums keyboards and vocal style owes much to the influence of Deep Purple, although vocalist Jim Kitchen can sound very much like Robert Plant at times.

The band, always tight and composed, storms through 7 finely-crafted self-penned songs with flair and originality.

Hot Rock And Thunder, with it’s stunning artwork, is Goliath’s only known release (confusingly, another band of the same name had already released an album on CBS in 1970) and an album that would not have been disgraced by comparison with many of the hard rock offerings of the time and still stands up extremely well today

01. We´re Not Afraid
02. Ordinary Guy
03. Tell Me You´re Satisfied
04. Silver Girl
05. Dead Drunk Screamin´
06. Hot Rock and Thunder
07. The Apocalypse 

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