Harsh Reality - Heaven And Hell (UK Heavy Progressive 1969)

Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012

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Obscure and heavy underground UK progressive monster from 1969. Great acid guitar, swirling hammond organ and dark subject matter is laced with a melodic late '60's vibe. Fans of Coven ,Czar, Bulldog Breed, Eyes Of Blue and Andromeda will love this!!

A heavy organ-based progressive underground rock band whose obscure album is now very rare and highly-rated by those who've been lucky enough to hear it. Thought to have been Welsh, they sound heavily influenced by Procol Harum. Barnwell was later with Matthews Southern Comfort, Roger Swallow later went on to Principle Edwards Magic Theatre and the Albion Country Band. and the other members went into session work. It's finer moments include the title cut and Devil's Daughter.

01.When I Move - 5.05
02.Tobacco Ash Sunday - 3.02
03.Mary Roberta Pt.1 - 1.53
04.Praying For Reprieve - 6.27
05.How Do You Feel - 3.08
06.Heaven And Hell - 5.04
07.Quickenut - Devil's Daughter - 6.44
08.Mary Roberta Pt.2 - 1.57
09.Melancholy Lady - 5.24
10.Don't Shoot Me Down - 3.56
11.Girl Of My Dreams - 3.54
12.Mary Roberta Pt.3 - 2.26

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