JPT Scare Band - Sleeping Sickness (US Fuzzed Hardrock 1973-76)

Senin, 15 Oktober 2012

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Not since Hendrix, Cream, Steppenwolf, or The Doors has a group put it together so well. The music seduces you, takes you to a level of ecstacy, explodes into a frenzy of electric pulsations and leaves you panting for more. If you're a virgin on the real rock scene, I suggest you lose it with these guys. They're definitely the masters.

A great re-issue from Monster Records The name JPT is based around the first letter in the members first names drummer Jeff Lintrell, Paul Grigsby bass,vocals and Tony Swope vocals/guitar. The recordings of this album dates back to 1973 when the band was formed compiled from two previous releases on Monster, Acid Acetate Excurison and Rape of Titan´s Sirens. There is also recordings on this album recorded originally from 1974-1976. There is not too much info on what this great band out of Kansas Missouri went but I guess they played pretty much on the local club circuit and local out door fests back then but they wasnt signed, not what I know anyway, I know from collectors that the vinyls that have come out with this band is very expensive and very rare. 

Thanks to Monster its available on cd format for a fairly cheap price cause this is great collectors item if you are fan of early 70s heavyrock. The main attraction is guitarist Terry Swope whose sound is similar to Hendrix, Iommi, Louis Dambra(Sir Lord Baltimore) and Jim McCarty(Cactus) a fantastic guitarist with a very inspirational and influential sound. The backing of Grigsby and Littrell forms a heavy pumping rhythm section. 

7 seven tracks is in here classic original vintage heavyrock anthems all of them, similarities with Jimi Hendrix Experience, Freedom, Sir Lord Baltimore, Tempest and Banchee is very obvious, along with Led Zeppelin and Cream. Sleeping Sickness is a powerhouse record and worth every penny.

01. Sleeping Sickness   
02. Slow Sick Shuffle    
03. King Rat    
04. It's Too Late   
05. Acid Acetate Excursion    
06. I've Been Waiting  
07. Time To Cry  

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