Not to be missed (again): Ernan Roch Con Las Voces Frescas - La Onda Pesada (1971)

Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

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'60s Mexican album with amazing psychedelic guitar playing (ripping wah wah fuzz). All songs are in English and have a West Coast feel but that guitar... it's amazing!. 

First time on CD for this extremely rare Rex label psychedelic classic (1971) from Mexico; terrific West Coast style psych, with melodic vocals and blasts of incredible fuzz guitar that seem to come out of nowhere; excellent album, whose current price for an original copy is around $1,000, if you can find a copy.

01.The Train 
02.Sitting On The Side Of The Ocean 
03.I Found All 
04.I Can't 
05.Round Round 
06.Gonna Make It 
07.A Life Of Love
08.Cause Of Love  
09.All Right-It's Gonna Take Time 
10.Give A Me Peace 

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