Not to be missed: Dragonfly - Dragonfly (Great Guitar Driving Psychedelia US 1968)

Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

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The album by this Colorado band is superb, full of driving rhythms and excellent psychedelic guitar. It's easy to see why copies of this collectors' item now change hands for a fair bit. My personal favourites were I Feel lt, Portrait Of Youth and the spacey Miles Away, although it's difficult to single out tracks as such a high standard is maintained throughout. 

The same outfit released an album for Megaphone under the name Legend, a couple of years earlier, along with an early 45 version of Portrait Of Youth.

Killer cusp of the 60's heavy psych album from California. Plenty of wailing psychedelic guitars, and a heavy garage psych edge give the album an awesome power. With weird trip-outs such as "Trombodo" and the soaring "I Feel It" this is prime Endless Journey style US psych with all the right acid dimensions. Great !!

Dragonfly was actually a band called The Legend who's debut album (on which they weren't allowed to play or contribute songs) was somewhat butchered by their record company. So they decided to pursue other interests. Under a different name (association with that Legend album wasn't gonna happen), they recorded this. They didn't have the best sound quality (crackles and pops still cover the sound on CD), but they had enough technology to mess around. Throughout this album, the track suddenly jumps into backward recording, slows down suddenly, or dissipates altogether. 

The boys explode into ridiculous giggles, get wasted by a moaning trombone, and turn into a giant rolling ball of mung at the end before returning to form. Along the way, we have some good songs. "Blue Monday" opens the album with a moan of "Oooh my God.." then harsh chords, before rhythm guitarist Gene cracks his throat in anger. "Enjoy Yourself" is bouncy, thoughtful psychedelia, "Crazy Woman" sounds very 60s and somewhat Moby Grape. "To Be Free" is a good bit of yearning and hope: the classic 60s message. 

There's just all kinds of good stuff here. The drums are fierce and the fuzz-toned lead guitar is excellent. There's some heavy solos on this album. Great performing. Gene's vocals sometimes sound like Keith Relf of the Yardbirds and sometimes like Jack Bruce of Cream. It's forgotten, and that's a pity. Take an acid trip ito the good ol' days of heavy psychedelic hard rock. It'll blow you away. 

01. Blue Monday        
02. Enjoy Yourself        
03. Hootchie Kootchie Man        
04. I Feel It        
05. Trombodo        
06. Portrait of Youth        
07. Crazy Woman        
08. She Don't Care        
09. Time Has Slipped Away        
10. To Be Free        
11. Darlin'        
12. Miles Away  

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