Cargo - Cargo (Dutch Underground Heavy Progressive 1971)

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

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This Dutch heavy rock outfit, who operated in the early '70s put out this great album with stupendous stoned guitar workouts / acid jams... Awesome stuff, but this CD also contains 8 additional tracks by the pre-Cargo outfit 'September'... An essential chunk of European rock history and a blast for your ears too!

This unit started out as SEPTEMBER and recorded a few singles that hold no interest to progheads. They then changed their name to CARGO and recorded their sole album. CARGO consist of brothers Ad and Jan De Hont both on guitars, Willem DeVries on bass and vocals and English drummer Denis Whitbread. The music developed here is a seducing hard rock with a killer twin-guitar attack much in the line of WISHBONE ASH around their "Argus" album. The two brothers play delightfully long and cooperative guitar lines that intertwine beautifully (what a pleasure it is to follow in stereo their progress) proof of their long-standing mutual trust and camaraderie.

This album got released in Cd by Pseudonym record and as bonus tracks are included their "September" singles.

01. Sail Inside
02. Cross Talking
03. Finding Out
04. Summerfair

Bonus Tracks:
05. Choker
06. Lydia Purple
07. Yelly Rose
08. If Mr. Right Comes Along
09. Little Sister
10.Walk On by
11.Run Away(demo)
12.One More Change(Demo)

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