Child - Child (Heavy Psychedelia US 1969)

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

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This short-lived outfit specialised in melodramatic cover versions of popular songs of the day. The album, which was recorded at Select Sound Studios, in New York, includes slowed down versions of classics like Hold On I'm Comin, You'll Never Walk Alone, Old Man River and the instrumental Exodus. All come with lots of very heavy organ in the same mould as Vanilla Fudge. Certainly worth a spin.

01.Hold On I'm Comin' - 5.07
02.Little Light - 3.52
03.Aunt Millie - 3.16
04.You'll Never Walk Alone - 4.44
05.Soft Rocks - 4.08
06.Exodus - 4.33
07.A Child Begins To Cry - 3.40
08.Ol' Man River - 6.38

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