Cosmic Dealer - Crystallization (Psychedelic Rock From Holland 1971)

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

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THE HISTORY: COSMIC DEALER were a five-piece band from the Dutch city of Dordrecht, originally under the moniker THE FLOATING FUDGE FEATURING THE COSMIC DEALER. In 1970 they shortened their name to just COSMIC DEALER and released two singles, "The Scene"/"Child of the Golden Sun" and "Head in the Clouds"/"Find Your Way", which both flopped. This was followed by the release of their debut album "Crystallization". 

The music is a combination of psychedelia, progressive rock and bluesy hard rock. Although they play quite regularly the album flops and after a few lineup changes the band decided to call it quits. They briefly reform in 1973 to work on some new material, but split up again, never to reform.

Since then their one and only album has become somewhat of a holy grail among collectors of Euro-psych. Interestingly, one of their most unexpected followers turns out to be none other than Jello Biafra (wasn't he mentioned in the last "Dig This Up?" What's the deal?) who has revealed himself in some interviews as a big COSMIC DEALER fan.  

Along with Group 1850 this band are one of the best Dutch psych/progressive bands of the late '60s. They grew out of the legendary Zipps and made this wonderful freaky album that features great songs, embellished with acid guitar work, flute and strong vocal harmonies. Includes seven bonus tracks..... 

01. Daybreak (F. Poots, B. van der Pol) [2:06] 
02. If there is nothing behind the thrills (B. van der Pol) [1:17] 
03. Child of the golden sun (F. Poots, B. van der Pol) [3:45] 
04. Swingin' Joe Brown (B. van der Pol) [3:40] 
05. I had a friend (F. Poots, J. Reijnders) [3:57] 
06. Crystallization (Cosmic Dealer) [5:52] 
07. The scene (F. Poots, B. van der Pol) [2:43] 
08. The fly (B. van der Pol) [3:00] 
09. One night (D. Bartholomew, P. King) [:46] 
10. Find your way (F. Poots, B. van der Pol) [2:22] 
11. Flying in the winter (F. Poots, B. van der Pol) [3:33] 
12. Head in the clouds (Curtis, Gun) [3:34] 
13. Illusions (J. Reijnders) [1:58]

CD Bonus tracks:
14. The scene [single mix] (F. Poots, B. van der Pol) [2:46] 
15. Child of the golden sun [single mix] (F. Poots, B. van der Pol) [3:48] 
16. Head in the clouds [single mix] (Curtis, Gun) [2:34] 
17. Winterwind (We'll be walking) [demo] (F. Poots, A. Noce Santoro) [3:50] 
18. Don't you know (Footprints in the sand) [demo] (F. Poots, L. Leendertse) [4:16] 
19. Child of sorrow [bonus] (E. Boender) [3:34] 
20. Sinner's confession [bonus]  (J. Reijnders, K. De Blois) [4:49] 

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