Coupla Prog - Death is a Great Gamble (German Psychedelic Underground 1972)

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

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This CD rounds off the SWF Radio series of '70's German progressive/psych recordings with more tracks by Coupla Prog Melancholic trippy,experimental instrumental passages with heavy wah wah guitars and pounding organ. Includes a great re-working of "Season of the Witch". Recorded in 1970 and 1972.. 

This CD rounds off the SWF produced Coupla Prog trilogy. With the new line-up, Coupla Prog recorded four outstanding tracks -- extreme professional and intelligent arrangements. The wide spectrum goes from slow, melancholic over trippy, experimental instrumental parts to marching drums with heavy wah-wah guitars and pounding organ. 

An outstanding track on the CD is the 18 minute title track 'Death Is A Great Gambler ...', a true emotive and hypnotic masterpiece of German psychedelic underground rock dedicated to Rolf Peters. Also included a highly individual interpretation of Donovan's 'Season Of The Witch' and 'Your Time Has Come', an early version of 'Pamphlet To Mr. M. Thompson' which appears on Coupla Prog's rock opera Edmundo Lopez. They combined virtuosity and creativity in a unique way -- sometimes reminding to other German likes as Gila, Amon Duul and Eloy´s 'Inside', a must not just for Krautrock fans.

01.Chandra - 6.30
02.That's The Way It Goes - 4.12
03.Tochter im Delirium - Daughter's Delirium - 9.15
04.Death Is A Great Gambler But If I Win, Finally I can Die - 18.34
05.Your Time Has Come - 4.25
06.Season Of The Witch - 13.47

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