CWT - The Hundredweight (German Heavy Progressive 1973)

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

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Released on KUCKUCK in 1973.The only album from this English Heavyrock trio.CWT was one of the heaviest acts on KUCKUCK, which was also the home for bands like OUT OF FOCUS ,ARMAGEDDON(the German band) or MURPHY BLEND, but the label become famous for the records of IHRE KINDER . CWT have a guest musician named Cy Payne on this album, who is responsible for the Brass arrangements. It´s giving CWT a very special sound . 

Beside the fantastic guitar and vocal work of Graham Jones ,the brass section gives their Heavyroch a Motown Soul touch, a real heavy groove.It makes "The Hundredweight" to an interesting album with some faster and softer points. 

But tracks like "Steam Roller" are devastating, filled with hardest riffing and rough vocals.I would compare CWT with bands like SIR LORD BALTIMORE or CACTUS ,they had the same class and they put their piece to basic HeavyBluesrock.There exists a re-release on KUCKUCK,limited to 750 LP´s and you can get a CD re-release, because the original is not easy to find.

01.Widow Woman - 3.19
02.Take It Slow - 3.52
03.Roly Poly - 4.15
04.Signed D.C - 4.15
05.Steam Roller - 4.00
06.Simon's Effort - 3.05
07.Mind Cage - 3.38
08.Mephistophales - 5.14

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