Daemon - The Entrance To Hell (Rare UK Hardrock 1970-71)

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

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Very rare post "Atomic Rooster" and pre "Hard Stuff" unreleased Demo LP-1970-1971 from the Masters. Heavy progressive with lengthy jams du Cann. Post Atomic Rooster, pre Hard Stuff.

Daemom crawled from the burning pits in 1970, dragging blackenedguitars across smouldering rock, smiling eerily as they ascended. On the seventh circle, in a flash of white, Daemon emerged.

Guitars wailed. Angels wept. After much studio work Saemon attempting social acceptance, adopted the name "Bullet", later "Hard Stuff", releasing some singles & two LP's, the tracks on this releasewetre the first recorded by Daemon 1970/1971, all havebeen digitally remastered by John du Cann from original 1/4 master tapes. Only the orchestrator uses an acetate as a source.

Daemon vanished mid-song on stage 1972. A sulpburous residue settled upon the bats of a gaping audience. Fire fell from the sky....

01.Door Open 
03.No Witch At All 
04.Taken Alive / Amyl Nitrate 
05.Evil Maker 
06.Entrance To Hell 
07.The Orchestrator 
08.Hell: Daemonic Posession 
09.Fortunes Told 
10.Sinister Minister 
12.Time Gambler 
13.Monster In Paradise 
14.Jay Time 
15.Mr Longevity 
16.Door Closes 
17.Jam: The Provider 

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