Demian - Selftitled (US Hard-Psych 1971, Ex-Bubble Puppy)

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

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This lost hard-psych classic is in fact the second album by Texan psych legends Bubble Puppy, who’d changed their name for legal reasons. Recorded late at night at the celebrated Record Plant in Los Angeles, it’s a stupendous blend of tough rock riffs, pop hooks, glorious melodies and biting psychedelic guitar, but was sorely under-promoted on its original release in 1971, causing the band to splinter the following year. 

Yep, it's the resurrection of BUBBLE PUPPY under a new name: Rod Prince had come from Corpus Christi's legendary Bad Seeds, linked up with bassist Roy Cox, second guitarist Todd Potter and drummer Clayton Pulley (replaced with David Fore by the time the GATHERING OF PROMISES album was recorded). 

Their amalgam of rock, blues, folk and country was late Sixties/early Seventies perfection, and will immediately transport you to a more musically adventurous time. They released their lone International Artists LP and three subsequent singles, but IA was going down in flames at the time, so their fate was sealed. 

Had they been on a larger, better distributed label they might have been able to build on their big hit into a solid career, but it was not to be. After the demise of IA they were brought to ABC/Dunhill by Steppenwolf's Nick St. Nicholas, a very big fan, and made an almost completely new LP of outstanding songs ("Todd's Tune" gets a rework here) under the new moniker of DEMIAN. Once again, the fates were against them because Dunhill did not promote the album well (they were too busy with the Mamas and the Papas, Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night) did not play up the former Bubble Puppy angle enough to let people know who these guys were, and this great followup LP sank into obscurity. Too bad. If you are into Nuggets or Seventies Blues/Rock, go for this: enjoy a shining moment. Check out the DEMIAN LP, reissued in 1994 on the German TRC label. It's hard to find (but of course you managed to find it here, so score ten extra points!), but well worth the trouble. Great stuff, guys. 

“A wholly successful transformation from psychedelia to hard rock” [The Acid Archives]

01.Face The Crowd 
02.Windy City 
03.Love People 
05.Todd's Tune 
06.No More Tenderness 
07.Are You With Me, Baby? 
08.Only A Loner 

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