Fapardokly - Selftitled (Rare and Sought After Psychedelia US 1967)

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Though they were considered an enigma in the world of '60s rock collectibles, there was never a group called Fapardokly; the 12 songs on their self-titled album were recorded by Merrell & the Exiles, a Southern California group headed by legendary cult folk-rocker Merrell Fankhauser. That group cut several singles for the tiny Glenn label before heading off in a psychedelic direction and mutating into H.M.S. Bounty. 

The equally tiny UIP label decided to gather a few of the Glenn singles, add a few more psychedelically oriented tracks that Merrill and his group had recorded, and release the package as the work of a group called Fapardokly. Although it was not recorded or intended as a unified work, it stands as one of the great lost folk-rock classics of the '60s. Fankhauser went on to make more excellent obscure recordings with H.M.S. Bounty in the late '60s and Mu in the early '70s.

One of the most sought-after rock rarities of the '60s, this album was stylistically uneven, as can be expected from an LP cobbled together from recordings spanning a few years. About half, however, is sparkling psychedelic folk-rock, recalling Fifth Dimension Byrds with its shimmering twelve-string guitars, multipart harmonies, and occasional trippy lyrics. 

Although the early material is more pop-oriented and doesn't fit in as well, it's pretty solid, recalling the Zombies and (in the very earliest tracks) Ricky Nelson. "Lila," "Tomorrow's Girl," and "Super Market" are genuine lost '60s treasures, and much of the rest of the album isn't far behind. (All Music Guide AMG)

01. Lila  Listen   
02. The Music Scene    
03. Sorry For Yourself    
04. Glass Chandlier    
05. Tomorrow's Girl   
06. Suzie Cryin'   
07. Mr. Clock    
08. Gone To Pot    
09. No Retreat    
10. Too Many Heartbreaks    
11. When I Get Home    
12. Super Market    
13. The War  Listen  
14. Yes I Love You (Bonus)   
15. Run Baby Run (Bonus)

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