Nathaniel Mayer - Why Won't You Let Me Be Black (Superb Blues US 2009)

Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

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Nathaniel Mayer (1944-2008) was one of the all-time great soul singers. His 1962 record "Village of Love" made him a star, and he inspired several generations of musicians, especially in his hometown of Detroit. 

Nathaniel's last sessions took place during two long summer days and nights of intense jamming, writing, and recording. "Why Don't You Give It To Me?" was the first installment of these recordings to be unleashed. Now, here at last, is a second volume of Nathaniel Mayer having a blast with the assistance of members of the BLACK KEYS, SSM, OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY and the DIRTBOMBS. The two acoustic performances are from a 2007 radio interview, Nathaniel's only known "unplugged" performance. 

A Link bout the title: It has to do with the food he kept being served while on tour in Europe. When Nate finally became frustrated with the countless plates of cheese and French bread that awaited him backstage at every gig, he shouted "Why Won't You Let Me Be Black?". 

Some of the last work ever from Detroit Soul legend Nathaniel Mayer -- tracks recorded in his hometown with an earthy, back to basics sort of feel! There's a gritty groove here that's different than Nate's classic material, but still pretty great overall -- and although backing is by members of The Black Keys, SSM, and Dirtbombs, there's a surprisingly strong soul vibe running through the set -- much more so than we expected before giving the set a listen. Mayer's vocals have a world-weary quality that's especially nice.

01. Dreams Come True 5:17  
02. Mr.Tax Man [Explicit] 7:32  
03. If You Would Be My Guide 2:25    
04. She's Bad [Explicit] 3:59    
05. You Are The One 1:46  
06. The Girl Next Door 4:55    
07. The Puddle [Explicit] 8:15    
08. What Would You Do? 1:42 

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